Unable to sleep at Night

Hi to all; I just do not understand this at all i have a bath or shower before bed and cannot sleep its like i wake up when i am supposed to sleep like my brain is recharged its right annoying then i dont sleep till about 3 am n worse when i have something to do the next day) I asked doc for sleeping tabs he wont give them to me cus i have asthma so all he says is take baclofen then it makes my bowels worse so what do i do. Right Annoying to say the least he dosnt have the problem i do. Any advise would be welcome. Dolphin500.

If I had a shower or bath before bed I wouldn’t be able to sleep either. My skin seems to go on high alert when I bath/shower so for me it’s best if I do it during the day or early evening. It also tires me out but not in a nice relaxing way.

I’m assuming this is a new thing for you, lots of people here do mindfulness meditation or use relaxation techniques to help them sleep. Google it and see what you think, much better than sleeping pills.

Good luck

Jan x

Definitely switch off computers, ipads, TV etc for a good hour before bed time, perhaps listen to relaxing music or read (not 50 shades of grey or the crossfire series - you are meant to be relaxing). Check your street lighting - do you perhaps need black-out curtains. You don’t want blue in your lights at all so you want warm orangy lighting (sorry my wee Bear, blue light is what keeps you awake - good for morning time though).

Sounds daft but try a lettuce sandwich, there is something about lettuce that is meant to be a mild soporific.

Jen is right in that it wont happen straight away but our bodies do love routine so stick with it.

good luck

JBK xx