Almost time to get up and I feel shattered. I fell asleep at 6 waiting for my tea to cook. Woke up at 3. I know that if I get up at 3 then I’m too tired for work so I have been laying here longing for sleep. This is a regular pattern. So tired after work that I can’t stay awake. Any tips on how to get through a day at work, feeling shattered and without caffeine?

hi tonka

do you have opportunity to take a brief walk outside when you’re at work?.

sounds mad but it kinda helps. its the change of scene, change of temperature.

also talk to your gp. my lovely chinese gp has a holistic view of everything.

he gave me some sleeping tablets, one weeks supply, just enough to get my sleep pattern back on track.

lack of sleep impacts on your health so try your gp, please .

good luck

carole x

as you can see i’m messing on computer at 5.57 am!

Hi Carole I’ll have a chat with my dr. A weeks supply of sleeping tablets sounds like a good idea to help with sleep patterns. Thanks Lynn