I really struggle with this, it always seems to precede a relapse. I go off to sleep ok, but wake at some god forsaken time in the morning and then just can’t go off. I often wake up in a panic, like I’ve had a bad dream but can’t remember it. I’m also often stiff as a board, particularly my arms and hands, but sometimes my legs.

So now the baby finally works out how to sleep through the night, I can’t at all. On the plus side I’m always awake to make sure the OH gets up to go to work on time!

Any magic solutions?


I do sometimes get insomnia, but this is always my own fault, as it is always because I have drunk too much caffeine the day before. And the reason for my caffeine drip, is because I have quite simply done too much that day. I still want to operate as usual, but MS has decided that I can’t. I was wondering if caffeine might be interferring with you too?

Good luck with your getting more sweet dreams.

Take care,


I suffered this for years after trying all the usuall remidies ,getting in routine etc all failed,i finally gave in and went to doc,she gave me a weak sleeping tablet ,phenergran,it seems to work,I now get I now get a full nites sleep,and wake up refreshed and feeling better,it may not be the answer for you,but it is something to think about

I’m not a big caffeine drinker, only decaf tea, never coffee, occasional cola, chocolate most days. Could well have something to do with overdoing things though. I had been feeling slightly better, first time since september, and on monday I definitely did too much, today I took my daughter to toddler group and that was wearing, unfortunately although the OH got up to be in work for 5 this morning, he is still not home, so I’ve had no choice but to do the tea, bath bed routine with the children and now all I want to do is go to bed, but know that its no help as if I do go to bed now, I’ll be awake even earlier tomorrow.