Restful sleep

Hello all.

Haven’t posted on here for a while (sorry) but I am after some helpful tips/ advice. Have looked through the forum, guessing that this has been covered somewhere

I think I am sleeping (although I know it is disturbed at times) through the night.

Trouble is, it doesn’t feel like restful sleep- always feeling tired, although not like when I was 1st diagnosed (worry/ stress/ fatigue trying to cope with the symptoms etc).

My MS nurse (Del, who is fantastic for anyone new in the Herefordshire and other areas she covers) has just told me to increase the Tegretol (Carbamazapine hope the spelling’s ok) dosage to try and overcome the recent symptoms that have developed (L’Hermittes is now attacking/ affecting the RHS of my body). Still working as a driver, so won’t use sleeping tablets, not that I think I need them. I see her again in the next couple of weeks, to see if this has helped. It hasn’t, so can see she may try putting me onto different tablets

Body ‘thermostat’ is broken (legs freezing, feet hot, body and head hot, or legs freezing, feet freezing so I can’t get warm.) No matter what I try, my legs are always freezing (even Egypt on holiday last summer 40 odd degrees outside and cold legs!!)

I think the easiest way to describe how I feel is drained.

I already use vit B, D, and numerous other supplements to aid tiredness/ memory etc.

Excuse the ramblings of a “Saga Lout” and hope I have put over what I mean.

Thanks one and all and hope you’re all having a good day


I am newly diagnosed and been having sleep issues. I used sleepease over the counter tablets for a bit then saw GP AND was prescribed sleeping tablets Zopiclone, only used once as reserving for emergencies. Was advised to try not to use them. I have tried herbal teas and am now taking a clipper one Snore something and a pukka nighttime tea. Both are good and worth a try. Also have a lavender pillow spray which is relaxing.



i read the title of your post and thought “restful sleep? i remember that!”

it just keeps getting worse at the moment.

also i’m freezing cold and the house is warm.

bah! to ms and all it’s many gifts

going to bed now because that is a cosy place.

carole xx

i love my bed