Who says amitriptilene helps you sleep....


Not even vaguely sleepy…glad I’m off work…I’m gonna be neither use nor ornament tomorrow. Right warm, milky hot choc time…aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!! Xx

It used to help me sleep, but since starting Pregabalin, I never feel sleepy on a night either! Been going to bed at 1am and waking around 4am for an hour, then absolutely shattered when the alarm goes off and struggle to get myself out of bed! I have to get up to take the children to school and always think I’ll have a kip when I get back, but never do for fear it will mess up my sleep pattern…glad I’m off work too! I’m taking 20mg Amitriptylene, how much are you on? Might ask if I can up it to 25mg as 30mg made me sleep ALL day and night…25mg might be a happy medium!

Fizzy x

Just started it for parasthesia in my leg, so only on 10 mg. last night was the first night and it totally zonked me out, but tonight despite stingy eyes and heavy head, no sleep is happening. Given up and come downstairs, had a hot milky chocolate but nothing is happening!!

It might help if I actually remembered to take the Amitriptylene…doh!!

I feel the same, completely wide awake drinking milky, hot choc! Just wondering whether a drop of something alcoholic might do the trick

I’m thinking it would take more than a bloomin drop…and the leaflet that comes with amytrp says not to drink alcohol…great, just great…

Yes, probably! I’ve been taking them for a while and never given up alcohol…I asked my GP about it and he just said that the alcohol would make me feel sleepier… There was a warning on my Pregabalin not to drink either, but I asked on here and mentioned it to my GP and I can still drink…YAY!!! Just remembered that I asked the neuro if I could still drink alcohol and he said definitely…to have a low fat diet with WINE and CHOCOLATE, so I do!

Ok. Will do so now. A splash of baileys in my hot choc, me thinks. Here’s hoping!! Xx

Sounds lovely…just finished my hot choc, might have to have another one now!

Finally…feeling sleepy

Catherine, I had to come off amytriptililne as it caused me to have insomnia! A rare side effect. Teresa xx

Oh, Teresa, really??! it didn’t get me off to sleep last night. I feel terrible thIs morning. Finally got off at about 2 am. Hope this doesn’t continue. I think my head was just over active with worry though.

I still drink with the best of them on 30mg of amitriptyline.

I do find that if I forget to take them at 8pm and have them say at 10 instead then I don’t sleep at all. If I am more than half an hour late I don’t bother taking them at all now.

I think you do get used to them over time aswell. I am considering upping mine to 40mg when I next see doc as I tend to wake several times now,and I know its not bladder related as I have the tabs for that aswell!!

Hang in there with them as they do take several weeks to get properly into your system.

Take care


Thanks, Pip. I wonder if I should take it earlier then? I take it, literally as I get into bed…they are on my bedside table. I knew they took about 4 weeks to work on the parasthesia but didn’t expect this effect last night. I wonder if it was just my head being too full of thoughts last night though. My sick note runs out in a week and whilst I don’t feel ready, either physically or psychologically, to go back and my GP has readily agreed, I am worried about how HR and the boss are going to react if I don’t return. I’ve been off for 16 weeks now. Just as the symptoms started to abate, this week the facial numbness and fatigue have returned and a horrible buzzing sensation has started all down my right leg.

Have work done your sickness monitoring yet?

You shouldn’t be having to second guess their standpoint. At the end of the day though one longer sickness is better than trying to go back too early and having to go off again.

Before you do return they need to be talking to you about any adjustments that need to be made and how you are going to return in a phased manner.

If you know you are not ready to return then I would advise you don’t, but keeping work up to date with whats happening will stop you worrying.

They may well send you to occy health but in my experience that will help put your mind at rest on the work front, as they will understand the impact your dx has on you. Occy health will then feed that back to HR, together with their recommendations of what they need to do to enable you eventually to return.

On a lighter note your choccy related threads have been keeping me well amused so you could always go for a career change in comedy.


Stress always makes my symptoms worse and affects my sleep - hard for the brain to switch off if loads of stuff is whirring around in there :frowning: Do take the amitriptyline earlier. You should know fairly soon if you’re going to be unlucky like Teresa - let’s hope not! One thing though: a lot of MSers have sleep problems. Some of it is because of sleeping during the day, but there is definitely more to it than that. My top tips for dealing with it: do not look at the clock and do not get up to go to the loo unless you DEFINITELY need to. Accept that you are not sleeping right now and relax. At least you’ll be resting if not sleeping. I hope tonight is better! Karen x

Aaaah, thanks Pip, that cheered me right up. The boss came out a few weeks ago with a HR officer. All was fine. The boss has been very supportive and rings me every week to see how I am. They have referred me to AXA employee healthcare for occy health assessment but the appointment they sent was on a day that hubby was at work so I couldn’t get there. The boss was fine about it given mobility issues and I am waiting for a new appointment. The letter from AXA says its for a specialist medical opinion and advice on any reasonable adjustments. So I guess they will be the ones who will tell me to get my butt in gear and get back to work. Apparantly the reason the government use them is because they pay by performance ie getting employees back to work. So all fine so far, I really shouldn’t have anything to worry about but I do. I’m sure their patience isn’t limitless!! I guess it’s not like I’ve got flu or the like. Catherine

Ps as I work in law, some people would say I already work in comedy!!

Thanks Karen. I dunno what’s going on at the moment but am utterly fed up. Stress, yes, but why? Symptoms re appearing and new ones surfacing, yes but why? This sucks.