Hi All, Saw my MS nurse today and she mentioned maybe giving me ‘Amitripyline’ for pain symptoms im having. While I was there she did mention to me the drowsiness side effects of this drug. However, she did explain to me that this is why ppl are advised to take this at nite to avoid problems in the daytime. think i got this right???Anyway, my question is simply, does anyone use this as pain med and how do you deal with the ‘drowsiness issue’ that is for those of you that this happens too. Although from what she said it seemed like a ‘given’ that it has a sedation like effect from what I understood.

Also wonderng how many ppl here use normal pain relief such as Paracetemol and Ibuprofen and have you had any issues with using this as a ‘long term solution’ to pain?

ty in advance for any replies / help

God Bless, Anna x

Normal pain relief such as ibuprofen will not work. At best it might take edge off. Amitriptylin, personally i will not use again. I became a dribbling mess and every morning felt like i had been hit by a bus. I was zombie like. Try it, and if it works for you, then all good

Hi Anna. I took amitryptiline for nerve pain and it definitely had a sedating effect on me. I was still very groggy the next morning so started taking it earlier and earlier in the evening. It did help with the pain at night but not so much during the day. I ended up swapping to gabapentin which made me less sleepy. I don’t think normal pain killers help with nerve pain but someone else may correct me! The other thing I noticed with amytriptiline was that I put quite a bit of weight on quite quickly. I was craving carbs all the time! I don’t have a sweet tooth at all but was wolfing down anything sugary I could get my hands on! We all respond/react differently to drugs though so your experience may be different. There are other things you can try if it doesn’t suit you but give it a go. Lots of people get on really well with it.

Hello Anna

Firstly can I just say, that we can all have different responses to medication.

I’ve been taking paracetamol long term without any problems. I’ve never taken Ibuprofen, so can’t comment. I’m sure you know that taking Ibuprofen with food can avoid unwanted side effects.

I have not personally taken Amitriptyline but my daughter takes 70mg spread throughout the day and never feels drowsy.

A lot of people do suffer with drowsiness but if your taking it at night you’ve nothing to worry about.

Take care, Noreen

Hi Anna,

I suspect that as your MS Nurse recommended Amitriptyline, we’re dealing with neuropathic pain. This is fairly common with MS and is probably not the kind of pain that paracetamol or ibuprofen would address (otherwise, MS Nurses and Neuros would be suggesting paracetamol or ibuprofen left, right and centre) !!

Unfortunately, my own experience with painkillers is disappointing to say the least. I tried 16 different medications for pain - including Amitriptyline - over about 3 years without any of them helping at all.

I must emphasize that this is purely my personal experience and others have enjoyed great relief with different meds.

Almost certainly, others will be along to share their successes so hang on…


Hi Anna I have just picked up my prescription for these but havent got the tablets as yet. I have been put off by the “hangover feeling”. Luckily im not suffer from much pain at the moment but will let you know if i decide to try them x

As other posters have said everybody reacts differently to pain. I have been on Amitriptyline for about a year now. I take 20mg morning and at night. When I started the morning one I had to cut it in half for about ten days as it was making me feel a bit woozy, but after that I took the full dose and it was fine. The only side effect I have from it is a dry mouth.



I’ve been offered Gabapentin for the same symptom. Also has the drowsiness side effect. As if I’m not tired enough!

Literally fell asleep sitting upright on the sofa this evening. TV on, 2 kids, dog and husband all in room and I can still sleep…If only it was an Olympic sport - I’d get a gold for sure!

I’m planning to try LDN (not on NHS) but hope the Amitryptyline works for you if you decide to go ahead.

Ann xx

Hi Anna

I take 1 x10mg Amitriptyline most nights about an hour before bedtime and it works a treat for neuropathic pain and has the added benefit of ensuring a good night’s sleep. Only struggle with drowsiness if I’ve stayed up too late and alarm wakes me before I’ve had a good 7-8hours sleep. Otherwise only side effect is a dry mouth first thing in the morning. As it is a safe drug with few side effectsxI suggest it’s worth a go to see how it works for you.

Good luck


Hi Anna, daughter takes 2 10mg Amitriptyline at about 8 in the evening to help with neurological pain and to help her sleep, she takes 3 ibuprofen through the day and 6 to 8 paracetamol depending on headache every day. She sleeps till about 10 at the earliest, if she had a life this would really affect it. Don’t know how she would cope if she had to get up for work or to look after a family. She is thirsty a lot so guess she has dry mouth and sometimes I am glad I am still in charge of what she eats as some days she could eat her weight in carbs if allowed. It really helps her. I hope you can find something to help you. Lx

I take 50mg about 6pm each evening. I’m usually sleepy by 10pm but if I took it any later it would have an impact on the next day. It certainly takes the edge off the pain and I haven’t had any problems with weight gain. Give it a go, we’re all different and you won’t know till you try.

Good Luck,

Sarah x

I used to take 50mg of Amy for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I took it about 7.30 in the evening to counteract that dopey feeling next day. The dry mouth feeling wore off over time and I didn’t experience any weight gain.
Initially it was successful for TN when taken in conjunction with Tegretol.

As the others have said – paracetemol and ibroprophen are useless for neuropathic pain.

If you decide to try it – give it a fair crack of the whip. It is not a drug that will work instantly but you need to evaluate it after taking for a few weeks.

hi anna

i take an amitiptyling tab every night. it just eases me off to sleep.

i won’t take them during the day in case i need to drive.

give it a try, you can always stop if you don’t like it.

carole x

Hi hun, I also have had a positive amitriptyline experience.

I began taking it for severe neuropathic pain, back in 2000.

I started at 25mg and had to go right up to 100mg, before I found relief.

At 100mg, I found it gave me 12 hours a night of beautiful sleep. ie 10pm to 10am…not much good if you need to get up earlier for work.

I didnt have any groggy or zombie like feelings.

I used to think it caused me a dry mouth, but I recently came off oxybutynin, which also causes a dry mouth, yet my saliva is 100% back again.

Like all drugs, different strokes for different folks.

I am now on 75mg ami and find it a great drug.



i too have used it with success. varied between 10-50mg. eventually stopped through looking at pain from a different view which is working so far (no amytrip for nearly 2 years) but i would take it again if required.

ellie x

Thank you all for your replies and helpful comments…

I will definateltly be giving it a go if my consultant agrees with my nurse over putting me on this. I was worried about the groggy feeling during the day, but from what most of you are saying; you can play around with the times that I would take it to counteract this. So chuffed that there might be way round this.

Also, glad somebody mentioned that they didn’t actually put weight on when using it too. I know its not very important and more of a vanity thing for me, but I am grateful to hear that this might not happen either now. I wonder how and why ppl put weight on from it? Is it from the ‘steroids’ group of drugs maybe?

Or is it that one is far too groggy to do anything physicall on top of our blasted ‘fatigue’ and hence the putting the weight on? I never understand how a tablet / medicine can produce ‘fat’ in the body and make ppl put weight on. However, if anybody has any ideas over this I would love to hear them please? Just find it really interesting and these things often ‘amaze’ me - lol I know its little things plz little minds lol :smiley:

I know I really should get a life innit lol lol

Ty all again for all of your help regarding ‘Amitripyline’ its much appreciated and has certainly stopped me stressing so much about it now…

God Bless

Anna xx

Hi Anna

I take 10 or 20mg otherwise I can’t sleep through the night. Definitely get the dry mouth & sometimes am groggy - esp after 20mg.

The other side effect that hasn’t been mentioned is the dreams- some quite weird but incredibly realistic dreams - very odd but you get used to them. I found it very helpful

Good luck


Hi Anna, not sure if the drug actually makes you put on weight or the fact it makes you crave sugary or carby type foods so you end up eating more of them and the not being able to move about as much does not help either. Think I will suggest daughter starts taking it earlier as maybe 8 pm is too late and that is why she sleeps to 10 in the morning. She is not groggy throughout the day, just fatigued but don’t think it is Amitriptalyne that causes that. Without it she was in even more of a mess than she is now, could not sleep, had a lot of neurological pain and this has helped. If given the option I would certainly say try it. Lx

hi, ive been taking amitryptiline for many years (17yrs). i take 50mg at night, its for neuropathic pain,to help me sleep and to treat depression. i take avonex and have done since 99. i cant fault it, its been a godsend!!

the amitripiline helps with my pain, tho im in the process of upping my dose.

it can make u feel groggy in the morning, and i take an hour or more to b able to get going once up in the morning.

i take lots of other meds also, and many of them can make u drowsy, and i take these during the day. my body is used to these drugs, and when u r used to them u will adjust. if u dont get on with it (u need to take it for at least 6 weeks to get in ur system and working as it should)