Amitriptyline Hydrochoride

Hi everyone


Just been prescribed Amitriptyline Hydrochloride by my GP, for pain.  Have previously tried Gabapentin which I suffered side effects with so was taken off it,

Is anyone else taking Amitriptyline?

What are you taking it for as I have noticed it is used as an anti-depressant,

Do you find it effective and do you have any side effects?

Any advice please.

Many Thanks

Andrea x 

I take 50mg of amitriptyline a day for neuropathic pain.  No side effects at all.

I was on them for an anti depressant, i was on them for 9 months and they made me really nasty and moody, when i stopped them, i felt so much better, i also heard of a few people on them who had suicidal thoughts, i think people should be aware that they can do this,i know plenty take them with no side effects but it can  happen.

I was on them for nerve pain, i only took them at night as they made me drowsy, they worked a treat.julsiexx

I have to say Amitripyline works for some of my neuropathic pain, how do I know this?  My pain without them is hellish, could this have something to do with my hellms signin?  I also take pregabalin this also does not do much for my pain.  Did I mention MS sucks!  I always try to be more upbeat than this obviously not todaythumbsup

Take care, M

Hi thanks for all your replies, & I certainly agree MS does suck!!!


Andrea x

I have been on 50mg a day of this, for a couple of months now. Was convinced it wasn't working and came off it and went straight back on again, it didn't take away the pain but made it a lot more manageable.


I found taking it at bedtime kept me awake, taking it about 7/8pm was fine and I'm feeling fine and normal on it. I feel a bit tingly after I take it but nothing major.


It took me a good few days to get settled on it (at a lower dose) and I felt quite crap but ok after that.

Hi Andrea - I've been taking Amtriptyline for a couple of years now - (believe it or not I can't remember the dosage!) but I take 2 on an evening for neuropathic pain (it helps me sleep), in fact I have super sleeps! No side effects thank goodness, I have enough to deal with the Pregab which has made me double in size!!!!!!!!!!! crying1

I took it for a very short time and it made very moody and I felt really angry all the time.  So I stopped taking it.  Told my neuro and he told me to stear clear of that then. I supose we all react differently to drugs.  I hope it works for you x

I was taking amitriptyline at night last year. It was brilliant at helping me sleep (although I regularly slept in well past 10am, which might be a problem for some) and it helped with my sensory symptoms and pain. Unfortunately my throat & mouth broke out in really nasty ulcers so I had to come off it. I hope it works well for you.


Karen x

Hi, i`ve been on it for over 10 yrs. Took it for horrendous nerve pain, in the back of my thighs and bum cheeks...felt like I was sitting on jagged broken glass. It works.


Side effects for me are a dry mouth...I always have a bottle of water with me..need it too!

I am on used to help me sleep, but not now.


luv Pollx

[quote=“Dido S”] As well as being good for pain, amitriptyline also helps with bladder frequency. Really useful at bedtime - fewer trips to the loo in the night! I take 25mg with no side effects. Hope it works well for you. [/quote] However, if you suffer with urinary retention, steer well clear of Amitriptyline because it can make matters seriously worse. It certainly helped my neuropathic pain though. I am on Pregabalin now and it doesn’t help much. You must try it and see - it may be brilliant for you. Best wishes. Roger.

I take 40ml for the pain and have found it to be very good. I was told by my nurse that anything higher will probably not help with the pain. It does make my mouth dry but as I have an over active saliva gland it's not really a problem. I did also help with trips to the loo but can't say that I notice it helping any more. The best thing about it is that I usually have a good night's sleep after taking it.