Progress!! Pain relief at last, hopefully....

Hi everyone,

Mobility issues have plagued me for some time due to excessive pain. I found mainstream painkillers useless. My GP now confirms that my pain is ‘neuropathic’ in origin and has prescribed Amitriptyline (10mg per day).

I am feeling optimistic and hope that this may turn things around for me.

Can anyone can tell me from first-hand experience if this drug is effective in dealing with neuropathic pain? Is my optimism justified?

Silly question also (sorry) – I assume this drug is to be taken every day regardless of my level of pain (packet says ‘take one at night’), and not just when pain dictates, as per Codeine or Ibuprofen for instance?

Thanks ;-)

Hey there,
Amytriptiline is an anti-depressant which has been proven to be effective on neuropathic pain so yes only take as directed not when you experience pain like you do with ibuprofen.

Hope it helps you, it gave me insomnia when it’s meant to do the opposite so I had to come off it. Everyone is different though and it may make all the difference for you.

Tree65 xx

Hi, I tried it for neuropathic pain. It did make me very groggy but I did sleep well. Gabapentin is also good for neuropathic pain so there are other things you can try.




I take 50mg each night - to ease the leg jerks which were pretty bad and disturbed my hubbie's sleep as well as mine! However, it's done nothing for the burning, pins and needles sensations in my feet.

S x

It worked OK for me, but I had to come off it because it brought me out in ulcers after a few months (weird!).

It made me very sleepy, but I didn't have to get up for work, so it was no big deal. If you do have to get up for work, you might find taking it in the evening rather than at bedtime will help. (Although you may find that whenever you take it pretty much becomes bedtime!) With any luck it might help you to sleep through the night too, by making your bladder a bit quieter - two birds with one stone. Fingers crossed!

Karen x