I am already taking gabapentin for neuropathic pains in my legs and my GP would like me to also take amytriptaline as he feels this will also help. I just wondered if anyone finds this of benefit.



Hi Sue,

I’m not dx yet…but I’m on amytriptaline…I had a ‘gushing’ feeling in my leg…it has stopped this…and it also helps me sleep better. I still have lots of other symptoms that it has not touched though.

Hope this helps.


Hi, I also take amitriptyline for nerve pain. Been on it 13 yrs now. It used to give me good sleep. That part has waned, but the pain is still kept at bay.

The nerve pain was in my rear thighs and bum cheeks…like sitting on broken glass…horrid!

Never tried gabapentin.

luv Pollx

ps it does cause a dry mouth.


Me too! Does cause dry mouth but GP suggested taking at 7pm to minimise this-it does help.

Ellie x

Yes I think its good. I started on gabapentin but it didn’t help my nerve pain/sensory pain, but amitriptyline does take the edge off it. I take 50mg per night. When I started it I felt rubbish and down for a few days, but that went quickly and I don’t notice any side effects now, I take it at bedtime, when I started I took it at 7pm but worked it back to bed time.

I take 50Mg amitriptyline at night helps with the nerve pain and helps me sleep.

Hiya I take it at 8pm, any later and it doesnt help me sleep or take the pain off.

If you find you get up alot in the night for the loo,it helps with that too by keeping you asleep.

The other little discussed positive is you dont hear the teenagers crashing in at all hours,when anything past 10pm and I’ve long gone.

Well worth a try,and well worth getting your gp to allow you to slowly build up the dose and play with the time of taking it to find what suits you best.


i have taken it since dx 6 years ago. it does give you a dry mouth but i get itching at night and look like a junkie in the morning. it has stopped this. it is also good for needing a wee at night and is a mild anti-depressant (not as scary as it sounds) although the dry mouth is a pain i would rather have that than the itching.


Hi Sue

I’ve just doubled from 10mg to 20mg stops the waves of tingling up my legs back etc. and helps me sleep.

Dry mouth but have a bottle of water by my bed and a new bottle of dry mouth spray in my handbag.

Jen xx

Hi - yeah take 50mg at night – works well with numbness, pins and needles, heavy legs… First 6 months great, but now affecting my sleep, nightmares constantly which is a knock on effect of anxiety, stress, however works well everywhere else… good luck x