Amitriptyline - feel so drowsy

Hi all

Was prescribed Amitriptyline 10mg by GP to help with neuropathic pain which really ramps up at nighttime.

I know a common side effect is drowsiness but goodness me I’ve massively struggled with this well into the next day. I guess I need to take them earlier in the evening than I currently am but anyone else have any experience of this side effect? It’s early days but I have noticed decreased pain at night since starting - probably because I feel so ‘not with it’!


My ex has spent a lot of time on this. I’ll ask him. He is desperate for it now but his doc has him on gabap thingy and mirtazapine and they aren’t comparable with amytriptaline

he duesnt have ms or similar. It’s a long standing groin injury that has really messed him up.

Im sure the tiredness will subside. It’s an anti depressant too. They take a while to settle down.


Thank you Tilly. You’ve been in my thoughts a lot? How are you doing? Xx

Discussing amytriptaline on radio 2 now X

Hi, I`ve been on amitriptyline since 2000! I think it is a wonder drug.

I originally started on 10mg at night…rising to 25mg…then up to 100mg by the 10 month, before it zapped the chronic nerve pain.

It helped me sleep, but I didnt feel groggy or anything bad.

Try to stick with it, increasing it very slowly, if you need more pain relief…I do know some folk cant tolerate it. if this is so, then i hope you find a good alternative, maybe gabapentin or pregablin.


Really, was that on Jeremy Vine, Tilly? I’ll listen back to it on the BBC website in that case. Thank you.

Thank you Poll. I’ll definitely persevere but take it earlier on in the evenings. A quick Google search found that this is how those who struggled with the drowsiness the next day managed it.


HI Jane

I can only echo what Poll has said . Perseverance is key !! I have been on it for about 12 months now (On 50mg now) and I would’nt live without it now . I certainly felt more drowsy at the start, but that lasted only a couple of weeks.

Good Luck


Take it earlier, but you will adjust and feel less sleepy during the day as you get used to it. I took it for years for a neck/head injury and it does work. Taking gabapentin now as well.

Hi Jane, chatted to my ex. His advice mirrors the others. Just take it earlier. He said he got drowsy after 2-3 hrs of taking it. Says he allowed 12 hours from taking it to time to get up refreshed if that makes sense.


Hi Jane I’m on 70mg of amatripeline at night to help with nerve pain I take mind at 7 usually sleeping by 9 not tonight but I feel fine in the morning now I’m used to them I do believe they help

joanne x

That’s great, thanks all.

Took it at 7pm last night, bed at 10pm, and although still a little drowsy this morning, nothing like the last few days.

Should be fun working it round night shifts though when I am back to work… (will cross that bridge as and when).

Jane x