Sleep skills

Does anyone else have fantastic sleep skills? I can sleep 7.30-6.30 quite easily at the moment, and I still sometimes manage a daytime nap. Maybe a longer daytime nap would allow me to stay out of bed for longer… I just feel like I spend a lot of time in bed.

Hi MrsChicca

I can’t promise that my reply will be any help but I know what you mean!

I have gone from sleeping from 11pm to 6am to get up for work…to with this relapse to 9pm to 10am with a short hour or two napping in the middle of the day. Needless to say I am not at work at the mo and yes… it does feel that I spend alot of time in bed. With that in mind I have made sure that the mattress has been replaced for a more supportive one (as I spend so much time in it) and also that the bedding is good quality! Well, if I am to spend ages in bed, I might as well have comfort. Also its saving me loads in new shoes and clothes too as I don’t get to wear them so much!

I guess with that sleep if your body needs it, sleep you must. I hope this relapse goes away for me soon as I do feel a bit out of the loop with the world and feel I am missing out on living. I guess that might strike a chord with you too

Take care

Asher xxxx

Hi MrChicca

I can’t promise my reply will help but I know what you mean!

I have gone from before relapse 11pm- 6am to get up for work to now, mid relapse, 9pm- 10am with a nap for an hour or so in the midde of the day. I have made sure that my mattress has been replaced for a more supportive one and that the bedding is of good quality as because I spend so much time in bed, I may as well be there in comfort! Also it is saving me money on new shoes and clothes as I don’t get much time to wear them!

But as to sleep. If your body needs it then sleep you must.

I also feel that with the enormus amount of time I am sleeping through any 24 hour period that I am getting out of loop with the world as it carries on without me. Maybe this strikes a chord with you too?

Take care

Asher xx

Hello, I know this won’t help, but if think I would switch places with you. I can’t sleep, if I get 4 hours, I count myself lucky, it is effecting work, home basically life. This is not meant in any terms of placing my problem ahead of yours, I think between the two of us, we could be “normal” lol Hope you feel better soon. Greg

Greg, do you take anything to help you sleep? I take amitriptyline every night, it lets me settle when otherwise I’d be jolting myself awake!

Sorry Mrs Chicca, can’t help you :frowning: but quite jealous as would love a nap daytime so that gets reserved for the weekends :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Sonia, Was prescribed something but after researching it on line, found out it is very addictive, sorry don’t know the name, ended in Pam I think. Still debating to try or not, will have to talk with more doctors next week to get more opinions Greg

I understand. A bad nights sleep is horrendous, I’m never quite right after broken sleep.

All I can say is I wish I’d never read this post lol…I’m so jealous I never get a good nights sleep. One day though, I’ll be getting myself one of those fancy electric beds.

Strangely enough I can sleep on and off all day, and I do, but I don’t sleep well at night. I think it is due to neurological surges and pain at night. Not sure what I will do if I ever get back to work.

Hey Blossom and Puddinglover you are not alone. I have forgotten what it is like to have more than a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep. The dog has given up following me around at night - he just raises an eyebrow and goes back to gently snoring away. Trouble is I am due at work at 7.45 am so I guess it is a case of a nap when I get home at lunchtime. Putting time to good use now as just going to tax the car on line.