Achievement with kids this week.

Got up on sat and decided I was taking willow for the day.amaged all day returned her at 5 had tea with parents and gave willow her bath. The following day I was round for 9 took her home and spent the day again. Did the same on Monday. Was slightly later on Tuesday as I’d ran out of baclofen surgery Was useless thank god for an excellent pharmacy. Callum found a wallet so we went to police station there was £190 in it. Got a phone call later saying the owner had collected it and left a £20 reward. So cals learned a good lesson about being honest. Then took her home. Today I woke up feeling battered I went to see her then she was going for a sleep so with his £20 and birthday money Callum wanted a new scooter as his had collapsed. So off we went got the scooter and exchanged his ds game, I felt old he didn’t know who sonic was and wanted tangled instead lol. So picked up willow and off we went to soft play with my anti natal group and there kids well spent £2.10. Apart from a 3 yr old punching Callum and scratching his neck till blood was drawn. And the grandma just sat there. They weren’t in out group. I honestly wonder what people are thinking Callum just stood there and took it as fighting is wrong. It’s a fine line as I don’t want him to get walked over either. Had coffee with the group then went home played in the garden a while. Then had dinner, Callum after his sickness bug gets tired easily and grows horns, so he didn’t want a bath so I decided I’d have a bath with willow as I was knackered. At which point he decides he wants a bath so there was three in the bath lol. Ah well I feel great for having achieved but with talking to the kids my face has got tired when i speak from my face dropping. I feel like my bones are hurting. But I’ve decided just to keep going. Don’t see the alternative. But willows face smiling up to me in the bath made it worth it. I want her home with me x

Sounds like she should be home with you Hun… You will cope because every time you feel you can’t you’ll see them two smiley faces looking up,at you with admiration for their mummy and they will love you just the way you are! You get her back home and you can be a lovely little family xxxx :slight_smile:

Yeah the only bit that worries me is the stiffness in the morning and getting her lifted. Or if she wakes during the night getting going to see to her. And I know of end up just taking her in with me, I’ve already a 5 ur old who won’t sleep himself x

Running out of battery…you’ve done blooming well Em x

Well done you, you are doing amazingly well!

It’s not easy having little ones at the best of times, but with the addition of ms it’s bound to be difficult. But they will always give you the determintion to carry on.

Hope you find a good way forward with your situation

Freckles xxx

I got exhauted just reading it!! I’m so glad you had such a good time with your wee ones.

Fingers crossed that you will have lots more good days with them and at least as Willow gets older the easier it will be when she is with you.

Lots of happy hugs

JBK xx

The crash came today. I’m sore I’ve hung about mums but I end up lifting her more there so my arms are in agony. Also missed lunch time meds as I didn’t have thn with me/ then am hour late for 4 o clock. Though now I’m not sure if I need that much baclofen and If it’s weakness that’s the difficulty