Lost car keys and the pain ms causes

2 days ago went and had dinner at mums house. When it was time to leave no car keys to be found. Callum was starting school for his induction the following day and wanted to have him home and bedded so he was all fresh. When the car keys mysteriously vanished. As we all know it is such a waste of energy searching. An hour later still no keys so bundled willow into her pram and walked home. I was knackered but decided they could have 10 minutes at the swing park. Lifting willow up there was a hard lump at her tummy. And what should be there but my car keys . Turns out Callum put them there. The following day had to walk Callum tl school as the car was still at mums. Dropped him off got asked to go for coffee, so off me and willow went. The. Picked up cals and went home. Needed to go out but the car keys were no wnere to be found. Hunted for about 3 hours the supper and put the kids to bed. Still no keys by then I was stiff sore and severely peeved. So at 10 I decided to phone the AA who came out as I knew the spares were on my handbag which was in the car. So they successfully managed to get a hook in beside the windo and push the key in my handbag which opened the door. By then it was midnight and crawled to bed. Today has been manic Callum had preschool eye test, then he was off to school again. Dad was home from sea yeAh lol. Got willow to sleep at mums then I had a haircut. It’s funny I used to go all the time to this girl and loved it but getting ms I couldn’t face it. Just made me sad thinking about my marriage And getting ready for nights out etc. Anyway Then went to see the kids photos I just got taken I am soooo pleased with them. I’d looked out their clothes, but willows socks seem to miraculously disappeR and when I was in there was a dress that wS down to half price and she has enough clothes but it was all chiffon in pastel colour. Well it looked amazing in the pics. The lady put a flower prob in. And between the dress and her blonde hair she lived up to her name and looked like a fairy. (But not in a tacky way) Now I’ve made a mammoth pot of spag Bol, and mince for mince and tatties To freeze down for willow meals for easyness. I am now exhausted having a cup of tea on the decking, willows brushing my hair. Though I’ve to hide my tea so it doesn’t get use as hair gel I’ve still not got the hang of pacing things lol I’m off to bath the kids x Hope ur all enjoying the sunshine. Emx

Wish i lived near you our kids are similar ages x

Yeah it would be handy if we were closer. Good all whatsapp at least technology shortens the gap x

This has made me smile and just relayed it to Heather (my wife) she has just gone back upstairs grinning to get the hoover. Have a good day Girlslove to Willow and Callum thank them for entertaining us even if we are at the other end of the country. Warm and sunny here in Margate. Don