Feel absolutely pants!

That’s it really! So fed up. Diagnosed 6 weeks ago during relapse that started mid April. About 4 weeks ago started feeling a bit better but these last few days feel horrible again. Really dizzy, trouble walking/standing and muscle spasms and twitching. Burst into tears earlier because I needed to get up to take my plate to the kitchen! Not sure if its the heat or another relapse. Don’t have an ms nurse yet. Due to see ms specialist August 2nd. Any advice you lovely lot?

It might be the heat, nearly every day this week I have wondered if I am having a relapse, but seems to be the heat.

Hot water bottle in the freezer and fan on :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon


Oh hot water bottle in the freezer is a good idea! Feel even worse now I’ve just realised that I have forgotten to buy my son a card for his birthday tomorrow. Hoping he won’t notice when I give him his presents!

I was beaten to it. I was going to say the same thing - it’s probably the heat as it makes many of us feel worse. I’m lucky here on the East coast. There’s usually a cooling breeze and we haven’t had too many humid days. I have a very large fan beside the bed and sleep under a thin sheet so I keep cool and get some quality sleep. I keep a hot water bottle in the fridge so if my feet get too hot I can stick them on it and cool them down. I keep a can of Magicool in the house as well for a quick spritz when needed. My car has air con and if I’m desperate I go for a drive as it’s bliss.

About the birthday card - do you have a printer? You could probably find some clip art online for free and make something yourself to print out. Sometimes homemade is best and you could really personalise it - depends how good you are with the PC though.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey. You’re right about the air con in the car - I managed to stay at work till 3 this afternoon and was so relieved when I got in the car and turned it on I could’ve wept. Good idea too about the card but I’ve no energy left so I’m going to not mention it, get one tomorrow and give it to him after school as one he missed.