help while hubby in hospital

My husband, who is my carer, was rushed into hospital yesterday. Does anyone know how I go about getting some help with personal care etc. and food prep during the day as I have lost dexterity in both hands so cant’ safely make myself any food can’t balance to use the microwave, cooker or even the kettle safely. My son is home during each night but has to work in the day. Help

Try phoning Social Services for advice. Or, if you can afford it, just look up a local care agency and see if you can arrange for some help to call in on you however many times you need it (probably the quickest and most effective way!).

You are likely to have to have a care assessment visit in the first place, so the management can see what help you need and what they can provide, as well as to ensure it’s a safe working environment for their staff.

I do hope your husband will be OK, how worrying for you.


thanks Sue I’m on the phone now…waiting

Definitely, stress that he is your carer and you CANNOT cope alone. Keep at them till something happens.

I did get a follow up phone call this am from a very understanding chap who kept saying oh no that’s not good I will try to hurry them along and I am on an urgent hot list - whatever that means! I’m still waiting though. Luckily my son has an understanding boss and can do some of his work from home although obviously that can’t go on for long.

Hubby now off ventilator and breathing on his own though tests are on going