can anyone advise me on this,how can i become my husbands carer,im working and make sure i do everythink for him before i go to work.and leave him lunch plus have careline installed,plus keep everythink near him heas aframe to get to the toilot,its killing me working looking after him and running the home bills and doing everythink he cant do anythink around the house,his still getting paid from work alltho his off sick since april,im worried if i give up work,how will i cover the rest of the bills.i need my wage aswell,im stressed and feeling unwell trying to cope with all this,when im at work i cant concentrate its hell all i want to do is get home to him i feel so guilty leaving him.dont know where to turn christine

Hello Christine, sorry things are such a struggle for you. You need some benefit advice. You could start by ringing citizens advice helpline. The government website as info on benefits. Is your husband planning to go back to work? he can claim DLA and work you know?? If your health is affected it may be that you look at giving up work for a while…you maybe able to claim carers allowance, depends on your savings and income. I’m no expert so give citizen advice a ring for a start maybe. Once you get the information, you will be better equipped to make the right decisions. Good luck Hopefully Someone else may offer more info x