How can we cope on benefits?

Hi all,

My partner may have to stop working to be my full time carer, which is very scary :0(

Does anyone have advise on which benefits we can claim to survive?

Many Thanks



My hubby had to do the same.

I applied for DLA and we got that before he had to become my carer.

Once I had middle care rate of the DLA my hubby then applied for Carers Allowance which can be paid weekly or monthly like the DLA.

He then looked on line to see if there was anything else we could claim and he got told to apply for Income support which he did and we now get that.

But I dont know if there is anything else you cann claim the thing i would say is look on the directgov website and see what they say.

Hope this has helped.

Allie xxx

Like Allie says, the directgov website is a good place to start- you could also visit your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, they’ve got a list of benefits and what you need to qualify for them.

Good luck,

Luisa x

Thank you both for your advise i will investigate the directgov site.


This is a bit tricky to answer without having the full facts but here are the broad stokes.

First of all as Allie said you need to get DLA squared away as this will allow your husband to claim carer’s allowance…

You need an income replacing benefit and if your husband is claiming carers it will be up to you to make this claim. If you are too ill to work (obviously) then you need to claim Employment Support Allowance. As you may have read on this site it is far from simple to claim this benefit so I would suggest joining benefits and work website who have excellent guides for ESA and DLA too.

You may also be able to claim help with council tax and rent (if you are in a rented property) This help comes from your local council not DWP , most councils have good websites with info about this.

If you have children you may be eligible for income support to top up your ESA and help with school meals etc. as well as child tax credits.

If you are starting with benefits for the first time be prepared to be tenacious it is a long and winding road! Your local CAB will be able to check that you are claiming everything that you are entitled to.

Please feel fee to PM me if you think I can help you further.


Hi there. i wish i could offer some advice, but all i can say is you have my sympathy cos i live totallly offf of benefits. well, i wouldn’t call it living, it’s more like only just surviving. i am struggling so much, i can’t afford to pay all the bills, so can’t have any heating on, just have to shiver. i often can’t even afford food, so have to go hungry! i really need a coat, but can’t afford it.

i know this sounds bad, but you will be much better off than i am cos you have a partner and can claim so much more money when you are a couple. i often wish i had a husband, just so it wouldn’t be so much of a struggle. how much you can claim also depends on your age, if you are over 25, you get so much more money than if you are under 25. i’m only 23, so am not entitled to much at all, the government seem to think that all people under 25 should live with their parents, but they don’t understand that this isn’t always possible. it’s so stupid, we still have to live and it’s not my fault that my mobillity problems ment that my parents house wasn’t suitable.

the best person to see though, is a benefits advisor from the citizens advice beureau, love bex xx