Can I claim carers allowance for my wife even though she gets DLA for RA? She really looks after me, Im quite badly affected with ppms and some extra money would help to pay for domestic help as she wouldnt have anyone else actually care for me. Thank you.

Hi It is possible for someone claiming DLA to also be someone’s carer. You should contact the DWP for more information. I would be cautious and check out how this would effect your wife’s DLA payments for example she has been awarded it as unable to do certain daily task but as your carer would need to do these then when her DLA is reviewed they may have some question around her being your carer but also claiming DLA for herself. Polly x

From what bit I know. Carers allowances, is nothing to do with DWP.

Your wife can claim money on her own behalf, to pay someone to come in and do housework etc.

I think you apply to your local social services, have a look on the website for your area.

Poll, knows more about this one…I’m thinking of doing it myself

Good luck

Hi Poll Carers allowance is part of DWP, that’s who I called when enquiring then they put me through to the carers team then they sent out a form. Polly x

Sorry blossom called you Poll there, it was because you mentioned her in the message. Silly me :slight_smile: Polly x

That’s ok Pollyb I’m probably wrong anyway lol

I claimed Carers Allowance when looking after my late husband.

I receive DLA and he was my carer!! Tables then turned.

C x