qestion about carers allowence

hi i tried earlier to put a post on but it never appeared so trying again.my husband claims carers allowance for me i get dla at the higher rate on a indefinite award,in febuary he will be 65 he will not be able to claim carers for me.we rely on this money a lot.i am unsure what to do about it.if i try and claim it again in my name this time will it mean i will start the pip process off.i really don,t want to start to have to deal with pip until i really have to.if starting a new claim sets this in motion i don,t think i will bother we will just have to cope without the carers allowance.i could do with some advice.i hope this post makes it on to the forum as i really am very worried.

some people that i know with ms claim personal payments as well as carers allowance.

this money is used for a personal assistant to take them out.

i’m toying with the idea of trying to claim it but like you, i dont want to start the PIP off.

carole x


I’m not all that sure that I understand when you say that you would try and claim it in your name. You can’t claim carer’s allowance for yourself. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood (a not uncommon experience!)

Carer’s allowance will be replaced by your husband’s state pension when he hits 65 so you should be better off not worse. Carers Allowance is only £59.75 per week whereas basic state pension is more than that. (The exact amount you get is dependant on NI contributions but NI will have been paid while ever your husband has been claiming CA)


Hi Misty, like Wendel I was a tad confused by your wording.

My hubby was on CA for looking after me for several years.

In August he turned 65 and his CA was stopped as he got his state pension. We were happily surprised to find he gets and extra premium as my carer.

The OAP is a lot higher than CA, but he does pay a lot of tax on his works pension.

But all in all we are about £200 a month better off.