Carers allowance

Hi hope everyone is feeling ok my husband has been trying to look into claiming carers allowance and he cant find a definite answer as to wether any money he might get will then be taken from the money i receive from ESA as he seems to think that will be the case he does not receive any other benefit and would be looking to work partime we understand you can earn about £100.00 a week and still claim carers allowance but if they then take that amount from my ESA we could not afford the drop in money. Any thoughts very welcome.

Take care . Katy

I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem likely that they would deduct the amount of carers allowance from your ESA. Try the Citizens Advice Bureau, they might know, or know how to find out.

My husband tried to claim carers allowance and was told he has an underlying entitlement to it, but can’t have it because he is in receipt of his old age pension.

Hi Katy,

Carer’s allowance is only payable if you have no other benefit. It wouldn’t be deducted from ESA - they just wouldn’t pay it. As Flowerpot mentioned you can have “underlying entitlement” but no money. That might sound pretty useless but Carer’s allowance is what’s known as a “passport benefit” in that you might be entitled to other things if you claim it. When she was younger and more able my mum had underlying entitlement. She didn’t get the Carer’s allowance because she was an OAP but they paid extra on her pension credit because she was classed as a carer.

Now as for money being deducted from YOUR ESA the situation is a bit more complicated. If you are claiming income based ESA - any money coming into the household as past of a couple is considered. If your husband was to work that money would deducted. What is your husband’s current situation? Is your ESA claim as a couple? Basically you can’t get two income replacement benefits (JSA, ESA ,OAP or CA ) at the same time.


Thank you both we will go to CAB but i think we will have to accept that my husband will have to go back to working more i do need his help more with things in the house and he is driving me to appointments etc as my feet are no good on the peddles and i only get standard rate for mobility on the PIP so an adapted car is not an option. Thank you once again why are these things so complicated and stressful to get your head around.

Have a good week all. Katy.

Hi, I am wondering if you could be entitled to Direct Payments? My hubby got CA for looking after me a few years until he was 65 and then went on to state pension, with a small premium as he is still my main carer.

I get DPs, an amount of money to pay for carers and going to a daycare centre.

If you are interested, ring social services and ask for a DP assessment.

We couldnt cope without carers and the money to pay them.


Hi Katy

My husband get’s awarded £200 a year from our local council support services for being my carer. This also entitles him to a passport to leisure card. Cheaper entry as my carer into certain places.

Noting to do with benefits…every little helps. Have a look on your own town hall/council web site.


Thank you both we have an appointment with the CAB on friday so we will see what help they can give .

Take care all . Katy.