Do you know how carers allowance backpay and ESA works!

What I mean is this… We just received a letter addressed to hubby confirming that he will receive carers allowance and any backdated will be paid by the 1st July. That means he will actually receive three months backpay plus this months so about 16 weeks in one payment. That sounds good. As my ESA will reduce due to his carers allowance I do not know how they reclaim that. Does anybody know? Pat

Hi, I dont get this? I am on IB at the mo, which will change to esa next month.

My hubby will still get the £55 a week CA. My esa doesn`t affect the amount he has for CA.

I`m stumped with your question hun.

luv Pollx

Sorry hun, but I dont know.

Give them a call, eh?

luv Pollx

I don’t understand this either, because I was under the impression that you could only get the severe disability premium on ESA or Income Support etc if you lived alone and didn’t have anyone to care for you. Having a partner/spouse living with you, whether they received carers allowance or not, would make you unable to qualify for severe disability premium in the first place, so this is a mystery to me.

NO you don’t have to pay back the severe disability that you have already received. All that you have lost is your entitlement to the premium as your husband is mow claiming carer’s allowance. Don’t worry about it too much it as this standard practice as as soon an a benefit is claimed that can affect one you are claiming then the benefit you have been receiving will stop.


I know this is a old post but little information for top question as I had this same question and search high an low for a simple answer. When u are awarded CA of £64 this will be taken from your esa amount so it reduces by 64 esa then give you a carers premium of £36 so all together u lose 30 of esa but then carers pays you £64 per week so your total income of CA AND ESA will be increased by around 30 odd pound so u are better off it’s just confusing as they come from diffrent departments.hope this helps any one searching.