Carers allowence

I have ms and after a lot of tooth sucking my husband has decided to take early retirement which I am really happy about despite it meaning being strapped for cash.

He’s 57, is there any chance he could claim a carers allowence until he gets his state pension?

We were in a similar situation last year. My husband is now 55 and was made redundant. We made the decision for him not to look for any work and to become my carer.

To get Carer’s Allowance you need to be in receipt of either rate of Daily Living for PIP, or middle /higher care rate of DLA. He must care for you for at least 35 hours a week and can earn £120 a week from other sources.

It was the best decision we ever made. We’re not as well off as we were but that’s not important in the grand scheme of things.

Hope things work out.


Sarah is exactly right.

Qualification for Carers Allowance is dependant on:

  • the person being cared for must be in receipt of the Care component of PIP or the middle or high rate of DLA for Care, and
  • the carer (ie the claimant) spends at least 35 hours every week caring for that person.

Have a look at Carer's Allowance - GOV.UK

If you don’t already get PIP (or DLA) and think you might qualify based on your care or mobility needs, have a look at They have a free test to see if you might qualify for PIP.


Thank you both, v helpful.

I qualify and I know he clocks up a good 35 hrs even when he’s working.

Sue, thanks for the link, I’ve been getting bogged down in local council info, could only find a questionnaire which wasn’t helpful at all. I’m rubbish at any thing official, but having found it I can sit lad down with a cuppa for a good old study.

Thank you.

It’s a piece of cake to claim Carers Allowance by the way. So long as you qualify on the two conditions, it is dead easy. My husband took early retirement at the age of 60. He’s just turned 65 so says now he’s not being paid for it (qualifies for state pension), I’m on my own!! (Total joke!)

All the best.


Also if your husband does claim carers allowance he will be allowed to earn about £100 or £110 a week too as well as the carers,we found this a big help when my partner took early retirement age 55 to be my carer, he managed to work 2 days a week for a good few years.

J x

Thanks J. Having felt encouraged by the responses, my husband made a phone call, it appears an allowance may be possible, we’ll see when the time comes. X.