My wife collects high rate mobility and middle rate care for Rheumatoid Arthritis and despite her pain is my full time carer. I am deteriorating rapidly with PPMS and as such needing more and more care. We do not receive any other benefits. My question is this: Could she claim Carers Allowance as well as DLA? Thank you.

Hi Anon

Yes, your wife can claim Carers Allowance. Just because she gets DLA does not stop her from also being a carer. It sounds strange, I know, but there are couples who both get DLA and each claim carers allowance for the other.

In fact, I get DLA for my SPMS but also get Carers Allowance for caring for my disabled son.

Hope this helps.


I am sorry to e a party pooper. Although it is perfectly possible to claim DLA and be a carer I would inject a note of caution.

If you have physical problems and your partner has mental heath issues you could care for each other. The person with mental health problems providing physical support and the disabled person providing emotional support.

If you are claiming DLA care component due to physical needs you might have to justify how you can at the same time provide physical help to someone else. I’m not saying that it’s right or fair but at a time when all DLA awards come under scrutiny for migration onto PIP I would hate for you to muddy the waters and loose the award.

You need an assessment from Adult Social Care to see what help they can provide (or fund if you prefer direct payments) You can self refer or get your GP to do it. You shouldn’t have to struggle on without help.


Thanks Dawn and Jane. Don’t think I’ll risk my DLA!