Any DWP'rs on here

I share a house with a friend who happens to be male. I am in reciept of DLA high mob and mid care also recieve ESA support group (contributy based)

He has been out of work on and off quite a bit over the last couple of years but never claimed anything, In about July he decided to go to the jobcentre and they told him he could not claim Job seekers as he recieved a small pension but told him to claim carers for me, as he does do everything around the house plus shopping he was entitled to it.

After a month or so he got a job so he informed the DWP and they stopped it. We have had a compliance officer round asking how long he had lived here ect which had nothing to do with them as the ESA was based on my NI contributions and those details are not asked on the form…although every single ESA50 has been completed by him on my behalf giving his address as the same as mine.

Today he recieved another 3 page form asking all sorts of questions about his job what he earns payroll number, if his wages varies ect.

Also asked if he was still caring 35 hours a week…do they now think I must be ok and am doing everything for myself?

He goes to work at 6 a.m and back by 10 a.m then returns to work about 4p.m to about 7.30 p.m so it fits in quite nicely meaning I am not on my own for too long.

I am begining to think they have nothing better to do now


Hi Jax,

My daughter claims carers allowance for me. Last year she had a break due to having a temporary job. We had to fill in loads of forms with payslips and payroll numbers etc so don’t feel singled out.

Also the dept that deals with carers allowance is different to the one for ESA or DLA and I don’t think they talk to each other!!!

Never the less the eligability for DLA is that you NEED the care not that you necessarily get it. There must be loads of people claiming DLA who don’t have a carer.

DWP are always suspicious of people who live together but say that they are not in a relationship but in your case its F. all to do with them any way


Thanks for your reply Jane

He is now wishing he had not bothered claiming now, and yes you are right it is nothing to do with them, if they want to pay my rent for me living on my own of £800 a month they are more than welcome.

I would’nt be surprised if I get another ESA50 soon as they have now put me in the support group after 18 months of fighting for something I sould have been in from the start.