esa info plz?

Hi All,

I was rung up by the ‘esa ppl’ 2day - the company tht is dealing with my claim tht the DWP have passed me and others over too. This time they rung me up to say tht I am no longer one of their clients now. This is because I have been with them for 2yrs now and this is their limit. So they are now referring me /passing me back to my local jobcentre. when i asked about why this was and what did it mean for my benefits that I am getting at moment - they couldn’t or wouldn’t answer me. Saying this is something I need to discuss with the jobcentre when they send for me. orcing)really worried now, as do you guys thinks this means tht my benefits will stop completely now? Or does this mean that they are going to put me on (forcing) jobseekers allowance and expect me to work when i am really not well nuff at moment?

Feeling as if things are going from bad to worse with these ppl :frowning: Cant they see tht i really cant fight them all the time - im already struggling financially as waiting just for the reply to PIP Pillocks!! just dont understand how ppl can be so mean n destructive to other ppl :frowning:

any advice greatly appreciated , so ty in advance

god bless

Anna x

Hi Anna,

Are they “dealing with your claim”, or are they one of the many agencies that are supposed to have been “helping you back into work”? Because if you have been receiving benefits for over two years, I would have thought your claim must have long since been processed and decided in your favour.

If they are meant to have been “helping you into work”, and they are NOT the organisation responsible for assessing claims, then I wouldn’t have thought their lack of success in getting you back into work has any bearing on benefits you’re already receiving.

I don’t know what happens if an organisation that was supposed to get you back to work admits after two years it has failed, but as long as it was not due to any non-cooperation on your part, I can’t see that it would have any direct effect on benefit entitlement. I suppose it is for the job centre to determine what other help - if any - may be open to you, but I can’t see why it means your benefits would stop. As long as you have played ball throughout, and there hasn’t been a dramatic improvement in your condition (a bit unlikely, with MS), I can’t see why ESA would “just stop” because they haven’t found a route into work for you.

I have heard that many of these agencies do not actively try to get more seriously disabled clients back into work, because they know it will be too hard. They prefer to concentrate on cases they expect to be relatively easy, so they can pick up the incentive for “success” without having to do very much. Hard cases are not very profitable for them, because although they can still collect the success fee, they will have had to work a lot harder for it.



I suggest go to your local citzen advice bureau, they have been a great help to me.


Is it because you are on contributory-based ESA? You can only be on this for 365 days if in the WRAG and then you are switched to Job seekers allowance.

You should have had a letter from the DWP in the past year advising you of this? I may be barking up the wrong tree, others may be able to guide you further but hope you get answers and get sorted.


From what I went through I think that they refer you back to Job centre who will try to refer you back to a similar agency, at the

end of the day its just so that boxes can be ticked, and as long as you have attended all appointments and played ball by doing

your CV etc they cannot sanction your benefit, I think you should have had a new ESA form to fill in though, so I would query

this, it was my understanding when I was going through this process that they have to process all clients the same so even if

they know it would be nigh on impossible for you to work they still need to show that you have taken part in Work Focused

activites, it may be worth thinking about appealing your next ESA form and trying for the support group, in which case you

do not have to atttend Work Focused things or the Job Centre, I know when I was sent to the Agency they told me they were paid

on Commision and that meant they had to try and get people into work even voluntary work…try not to panic…attend the

Job Centre and it sounds like a good idea to go to Citizens Advice as they can also help you with filling in the forms. Hope this