ESA... again

Hi everyone, just a kwikie, does anybody know if you have to wait and get paid the basic rate of esa for the initial 14 wks, and then it goes up to the rate of whichever group you are put in. Ive been told I will be in support group (over the phone) still waiting to get it in wrighting.


Hi, I hope not! Are you a new claimant or are you transferring from incapacity benefit?

luv Pollx

It may well be.

On it talks about the main phase starting at week 14 so it may be that even if they have made a determination which group you will be in before 13 weeks are up the main, higher paying phase may not begin unitl week 14.

I don’t know for sure - just reading between the lines.


im a new claimant, and what a carry on its been. first they said i wasnt entitled to ni contrubutions based, then said i was. said they hadn’t received esa 50 form, i rang back few days later, then again after a few more to be told oh yes weve had it since 20th feb. so paid me ni part from 4/1/12 200 pound, now getting 64 pw. but if i am in support group should be more. but as ive said ive just been told that verbally. i think it will be from week 14 to



I think the group you are talking about is the contribution ESA from your national insurance that you have paid. I am also in the work related ESA as they call it and it pays roughly £88 per week. The other group I believe is non work related ie they dthink you will never be able to work again I think that rate is a couple of pounds more but this is not definite I would go to the jobcentre plus websit they give you all the benefit amounts, also DLA calculations. Hope this helps do you receive DLA at the moment or just ESA - if it takes them longer to evaluate your claim they are quite good as the money is paid back to you in a lump sum if claim is upheld. The jobcentre can also give you the number of local advice centre.


These are the rates at the moment but will go up in April

Age of claimant Weekly amount
A single person aged under 25 up to £53.45
A single person aged 25 and over up to £67.50

#### Weekly rate during the main phase

The main phase starts from week 14 of your claim, if the Work Capability Assessment shows that your illness or disability does limit your ability to work.

Type of group Weekly amount
A single person in the Work Related Activity Group up to £94.25
A single person in the Support Group up to £99.85

thanx jaxx111, thats great help. why do we have to wait so long though.