Esa payments?????

When it was IB it was always paid weekly then a few years ago it changed to fortnightly having moved now to ESA this was also paid fortnightly until last week when I only got a weeks money & haven’t had this weeks payment yet?? Anyone else having the same problem??

hi hun,

actually rang DWP today for another matter. there is a msg on the line tht says the payments are half this wk and half the nxt time up til ur payment is due nxt.

don’t know why this is tho, sorry.

they said u won’t be under or over paid either so should all be ok. but if u still not sure than plz ring them to confirm as no point u stressing n getting ill over it.



Anna x

Hello Bambi, the same thing happened to me. I was always paid fortnightly which I was expecting today. But last friday I was paid a weeks money & today I got paid a weeks money. Therefore I think they might have changed the timing of payments for some reason. I am not concerned as long as I get paid the same amount monthly.


Thank you it evetually appeared this morning. xx

some advice that i learnt the hard way, when you call the esa number always ask for someone to call you back to discuss the problem, as the number you call is put thru to a call centre, if you ask them to call you back, you get the proper person from the esa department calling you

Thanks I’ll remember that for if I have to call them in the future Sue x

your welcome, wen i went thru the rubbish of bouncing forms back n forth with the esa lot they told me they havent got my forms and that it would take another 2 weeks after waiting 4 already at the time, i asked for someone to call me back and they said they had got my forms (sfter i got the job centre to fax them) and it would take about 3 days for a backdated payment to go thru as they now had the info they needed, so i learnt that getting them to call you is best as the call centre have no idea at all