Why have I received an unexpected payment for ESA ?

Today I checked my bank account to find a credit of £104 exactly for ESA. I am not due a two weekly payment until next Wednesday. I have sent my ATOS form back 7 weeks ago and heard nothing. I have tried to work out whether they may have put me into wrag or support but the figure doesn’t tally with anything. The closet I can get it to is 3 weeks back pay for the support component but I doesn’t really calculate correctly. Three weeks is £34.66 per week according to the payment, but should be £34.80. Any ideas? I really cannot be arsed to call them. Pat

give them a call they will soon tell you they dont give you anything for nothing

Dont they have a freefone number? Or do you only have a mobile, which costs to ring?

If so, has anyone else got a land line you could use. If it was me, i`d want clarification.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat,

Do you get £208 fortnightly; could be they for some reason are paying you weekly. They did this to me 6 months ago; went back to fortnightly after 4 payments.


For some reason today i got … wait for it… a whole £3 extra for no reason.

I just dont get them and their ideas.


Remember there is also an increase in April; disabled benefits are not held to 1% and It’s whatever the RPI was last November. Presume that was Darren’s £3 but you should have received a letter stating all this.

Still they are selling the GPO; more for Branson to buy just like the NHS.