ESA now even more mysterious!

Do you remember my mysterious ESA payment of £104 yesterday. I just received a letter explaining it but it doesn’t explain it at all. In fact it is now even more mysterious. I have copied out the letter below. I know it says can phone, but I am not calling a 0845 on my mobile and be queued for 20 minutes. I’ll sit this out, or perhaps one of you will see through this letter, you migh have had similar. It says; Dear Mrs Davies YOUR CLAIM FOR EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT ALLOWANCE. This will be paid into Bank/building society: XXXXXXX We have paid £104 into the above account. If you want to know more about this payment, get in touch with us. Our address and phone number are at the top of this letter. Jobcentre Plus staff work to offer a complete service through your jobcentre. If you have an enquiry about your claim for ESA you will be referred to the Decision Maker or appeals section. Yours sincerely xxxxx What is that about? Why couldn’t they tell me in the letter?

Hmm, I see this explains nothing! an you get into the job centre at all? Thatmight be a way of finding out. I get what you mean about a long and expensive mobile phonecall.

No one got a land line you can use?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat, I think they must have been underpaying you and it just has been put right and payed what’s owed. It might have been flagged up when there was a small increase on April 1st.

See if your next payment is slightly higher than usual… that will explain it.

Pat x