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I’m writing this more out of frustration than anything else! I’ll try and make this short… I was placed in the work related group just over a year ago after retiring from work on health grounds. At the time I didn’t know I could appeal about being placed in the work related group. I was in my early 40s, worked full time and was coping with working up till then. I’d never been through the benefits process before. I get to a year claiming ESA and told my benefit was stopped as id claimed it for a year. Then I realise I should’ve appealed right from the start and should’ve been put in the support group. My MS has since gone from RRMS to SPMS. I have not had a medical since first claiming ESA but was asked to fill in a work related activity questionnaire. My benefit has seen stopped since April and it’s now September. I’ve not heard anything from the dwp it’s always me that has to phone and I’m lucky if I get through! I’ve appealed as advised by my job centre and and been told my case is being reconsidered and being looked at by an ATOS healthcare professional. It’s been 5 months now. This is all just so stressful. Any advice anyone!? I’m at the end of my tether!

Hi Loupuds… you are really caught in the damned ESA loop. They are so backed up on appeals they simply can’t cope.

Have you ever been on a website called ‘benefits and work’? It’s an excellent website run by lawyers who are benefits’ experts.

It’s about £20 a year to join but believe me worth every penny. Not only loads of advice on applications, appeals, etc etc… but also a very good members’ forum. I find some of the people on there really good and knowledgable about the benefits system. So might be worth your while joining.

Second option would be to see your MP at a surgery. All MP’s hold regular surgeries in their constituences. You will be able to find the info online or ask in you local library. You will probably need to make an appointment. It might be worth your while as a letter to DWP or Atos from an MP might hurry them along. It certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

Hope this helps and really hope you get some info soon and your appeal is successful.

Pat x

Hi loupuds,

As the lovely Pat said they are so backed up with appeals and really couldn’t care ATOS.

Don’t forget if you don’t claim DLA you can. Call 0800 882200 for the forms; if awarded your allowance is paid back to this phone call.

Benefits and work are excellent but all the good advice you need for free is on

Good luck


good advice. they put me in the work group(also after a 5 month wait earlier this year) so I rang and asked to see the atos report-I was immediately moved to the support’ve gotta fight for it but don’t give in-keep hassling them and do the dla thing,they’re a much nicer bunch to deal with xxx