screaming inside

scince i came out of hospital on tuesday without much help i had a few days where i started to get some feeling back and thought it was good but today i have gone quite numb again and movement has reduced again. i had to tell my husband when he got in from work and he was to say it polite horrible about it said it was pissing him off. i no he has had to run the kids round instead of me and do more in the house but i reaaly can’t help it and don’t want to be like this. when i pointed out if that is how he felt can he imagine how i feel as it is me that has the problems he just shut up . just don’t no how i am going to keep going at the moment sorry just needed to tell someone.


Don’t really know what to say, but wanted to offer moral support at the very least.

Have you talked to your husband much about what’s going on before? He shouldn’t be lashing out at you - what on earth is that going to achieve apart from make you feel miserable, potentially leading to your symptoms getting worse! At the same time, I’m sure it’s difficult for other people to understand, and even more so when it’s someone who loves you and desperately wants you to be ok. It’s no excuse for his behaviour, but it could just be that he’s upset and finding it difficult to cope with seeing you ill as well. Maybe try talking about it when you’re both a bit more relaxed (or at least set some ground rules first - no blaming each other, no accusations etc.)

I really hope he comes to his senses and apologises to you later, and that you start feeling a bit better. It’s tough dealing with strange symptoms no matter how well supported you are and I’m sure today must have been a blow to you. more hugs

thank you he kinda sees it as i have some tablets i should be ok now he expected me to drive a car the day after i got out of hospital even though i couldn’t use my leg or arm properly and i have delayed reactions. i haven’t got angry at him but i am getting upset as i can’t seem to get him to understand it is not something i have chosen and i feel usless with out his help lol. it helps to no there are people who understand what it is like

Hi Rachyf

Its tough when people around us dont realise exactly what is going on with us. Your husband needs to realise that you are not well, you have things going on that are unexplained and not always seen. He needs to support you, of course he does, but he is probably scared too.

Its not excuse for how he is behaving I know, but sometimes what people cannot see, they dont understand. He shouldnt be talking to you like that anyway, but I think the only solution for you in this situation is to communicate. There is no reason for him to be angry with you, and he does need to realise this. In fact, there is more reason for you to be angry as it is you that all this is happening to!

It is so tough for us all to be in limbo (not sure if you are diagnosed or not?) and we all want answers. There are so many people on this forum who are diagnosed and still have strange things happening to them. We are all confused about the symptoms our bodies are suffering. Please, please sit down and TALK to your husband. He will be there for you I am sure, but he is worried, concerned, probably tired, and he is also wondering what the hell is happening to you!

I wish you the best of luck and please PM me if you need support as I am happy to talk to you.

Paula xx

I totally agree with Paula,I expect he is scared too and doesn’t know how to express his feelings. My long suffering and incredibly patient hubby sometimes gets frustrated with me being asleep all the time and never being well enough to go out for long but it passes and he doesn’t get angry with me,just the situation.I do hope your hubby sees the error of his ways and the negative effect it’s had on you and is gentler and more sympathetic in the future but you must both express your feelings and talk. xxx

I cannot agree more with the others - you need to sit down with your husband and TALK. The invisibility of neurological symptoms make things very difficult to empathise with so he is scared, but doesn’t really understand, while you are scared and struggling.

You need to work it out together.

It can be tough, but it is definitely doable. And if he can’t get his head around things, but wants to understand, just point him towards the forum - we’ll help :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thank you all we had a chat last night and a cuddle he just got fustrated tto thank you all for letting me vent and not judging me for it xxxx rach

a cuddle is a great cure! very glad you’ve made up. xxx

Glad to hear that you made up last night.

Try to put steps in place so it’s less likely to happen again. No doubt you’re both scared and confused (understandably!) and it’s hard to make sure it doesn’t bubble over sometimes, but as you both know, that doesn’t help anyone!