This heat is sapping every ounce of energy out of me. Fatigue is paramount. Could happily live in a fridge right now!!!

Could not agree more, roll on winter.

worse at night because heat rises and our bedrom is upstairs. i prowl downstairs until i feel cool or until my eyes close!

night of the living dead!

carole x

Hahaha… Oh lordy. I soooo feel your pain!! It is horrendous. Used to enjoy the heat… Can’t bear it now. Also I itch so bad, including my scalp which is really embarrassing!! Sure people think I’ve got nits!!! :0)

I get where you’re coming from. I’ve felt like a wet lettuce all week. Too hot. I slept downstairs last night as upstairs was so warm. Slightest thing I do I’m pouring with sweat…Urgh! It’s like my body thermostat is playing up x

Move up north!! Seriously, I keep seeing these high temperatures on the TV but there’s neither sight nor sound of them here. It’s humid though and that’s pretty grotty You have my sympathies Jane

We live in a first floor flat and our living room feels like being in a greenhouse. It’s lovely in the evening, when the traffic quietens down, to open the window. Roll on autumn :slight_smile:

i am so glad its raining today lol

I dont want winter tocome, as I get so cold!

Jane, thought you lived in Leeds?

Here, 20 miles or so from leeds, we`ve had it hot…too hot…but my lilies and sunflowers love it!

Today is rainy, but very clammy!


I think I realised the reason mum’s gone to Iceland - because she has MS and it’s a shop full of freezers. I’m finding excuses to go to the supermarket just so I can spend time in the chilled or freezer aisle.


if you have a loft hatch open it up and leave it open its supprising how much it helps to let the hot air escape or failing that just stay in the supermarket.

if you can …buy a portable air con unit,i have 2 now, 1 for downstairs and 1 for up, they are really good,i dont know how i ever managed with out mine

J x