Coping with the heat!!

Hi, I’m sure this has been covered before in this heatwave, but do people have any special secrets about coping ? I stay in the shade as much as possible, have lots of cold drinks, wear loose clothing, am writing this on my laptop with the windows open and the fan going. The dog (Rusty) will have a short walk around 9 pm! I’m going into London tomorrow for a picnic with my vintage-loving girls and want to go because I haven’t seen them for ages, but am also dreading it! Last year we met up in a cocktail bar because it was raining all day, and of course the British weather goes from one extreme to the other!

Cheers, Sarah

hi sarah

it is sad because i used to love hot, sunny days but now!!! they make me wilt like a little flower!

my body thermostat can’t cope with it.

i can suddenly start to shiver even though i’ve just been complaining about the heat.

taken to being one of those annoying people who tie a jacket round their waist.

if i dare to go anywhere without a cardi i end up freezing.

i think it is going to break my brain!

hope your day in london turned out well.

carole x

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