Hello Everyone

I am in the uk, leicester and over the last few weeks the tempreture has been fantastic but I havent been coping well with it. I seem to feel tired all the time and its becoming difficult to handle. Does anyone else struggle with the heat and if so how do u cope with it?

Thank you


Air coolers, fans, cooling neck scarves, as little clothes as decent, lollies and cold drinks. Blinds shut and cool showers. Rest loads. Phew !!! I hate it. Google uhthoffs syndrome and multiple Scelerosis. There are some very informative and useful ideas on various sites. Catherine Xx

We had got away with the worst heat so far (only been reaching low 20s here on the East coast) so I’ve been coping quite well, plus I’ve been at work and my office is the coldest spot in the whole building which was deliberately chosen for me.

However today temperatures have suddenly shot up to 30 after a cool, rainy day yesterday. I had lots planned for today but did nothing! I walked 100m to Tesco’s and back and was worn out. Ended up sleeping for 2 hours this afternoon with the fan directed straight at me.

Tonight the temp is forecast to be 20 so I have a hot water bottle chilling in the fridge ready to take to bed, will sleep under a thin sheet, fan by the bed. Bottle of Magicool and a bottle of cold water with an ice stick in it next to the bed in case I wake up hot and sweaty.

I’m also a fan of cooling neck scarves and skimpy vest tops and shorts.

Tracey x

If you have not invested in a portable Aircon unit stick you feet in a bucket of cold water it really does cool the body down.