keeping cool in the heat

Hi All,

CAn anyone give me some advice about keeping cool. I am doing all the usual things of having fans on, cool showers etc. I was looking for advice on clothing or aids to help me. I have just ordered a hand held fan. I am really having trouble, can’t go out at all.



Hi Anne, it’s always a problem.

I’ve got a very strong fan with several settings… has remote control too. Also I changed all of my bedding for 100% cotton… that helps.

Don’t have your shower too cool as it can make you hotter afterwards. Better to have it slightly warm… tepid.

I can’t go out in it either. I lower the blinds to keep the sun out. I wear very loose maxi dresses or kaftans and no underwear (too much info… lol).

Wetting a scarf in cold water and wearing it around your neck helps (you can buy gel filled neck scarves on eBay that stay cool for quite a while… can’t remember what they’re called). Also cooling your wrists in cold water will cool you down… it’s the same with neck, it cools the blood.

Freeze a bottle of water and put it in front of fan… it cools the air.

Sit with your feet in bowl of cold water.

Hope these little tips help… also try and do as people in hot countries do. Do everything you need to do in early morning or in evening and do very little during the hot part of day!

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat xx

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Great advise from Pat…I too do all these things but we have recently been given a portable air air conditioner…it’s ugly, it’s too

big but ten minutes and the room it’s in is wonderful…it’s especially good in the bedroom. I’ve no idea how much it was but

they are available from Homebase.

Nina x


Thanks Pat and Nina. I knew you would help.

Isn’t it awful, feeling this hot?

Anyway, off to bed for another night of tossing and turning looking for the cold spots in the bed!!




i bought a portable air con unit from argos £250 and i wouldnt be without it,its the only thing that helps when its very hot.

J x


Thanks J will be looking into it.