I have always been a sun seeker, first signs of a hot sunny day and i’m out in the garden, catching rays. This year, and these last six weeks , i have felt miserable and cannot concentrate at work or at home.I’m hiding away, I’ve become irritable,I cant sleep and my brain feels like it is on fire. Any recommendations on how to keep myself cool. is there anything i could buy from the pharmacy or online to use whilst at work especially?

I hate complaining and I try to be upbeat about my MS and help others especially in my line of work, But! this is just getting worse and unbearable.

any hints or tips would be appreciative.

hi becca

this heat is intolerable.

i have a magicool spray which i use on my feet because they always feel like they are on fire.

try putting your sheet and pillow case in the freezer.

a damp towel kept in the fridge can help.

these things aren’t practical at work though.

i used to love getting out in the sun but this heatwave is ruining that for me.

i think there must be something available at Boots.

i’m going later so will have a look and come back to this thread.

carole x

I hate the heat :frowning:

I have a little hand held fan I got from the newsagents, that helps a little at work (although the aircon is broken so it’s only a little help)

At home I have one of those foot spas with cool water in and a sponge ice pack I put on the back of my neck when I feel like I’m over heating.

(fill a sponge with water, pop it in a plastic bag and freeze it)

Hi Becca

​As Carole and said, Magicool spray is great for really cooling you down, you can buy supermarket own brands of the same type of product or ask in Boots or your chemist. Fans are great - even those little handheld battery fans, or an old fashioned folding type fan can be helpful.

At home ice packs - I have a fold out wine cooler which I sometimes wrap in a pillow case and take to bed. Or as Trixie suggested, a wet sponge in a sealable bag in the freezer is a great idea. I’ve done the same with flannels.

Keep all your curtains shut to keep your home a bit cooler too.

You could freeze small water bottles and take one to work with you, by lunchtime it would have defrosted, but it’d help through the morning.

They’ve said in the paper this morning that employers should be relaxing their dress codes. So try to dress in clothes that help you stay as cool as possible.

And it seems that this weekend we’re all due a few days respite from the intense heat. Before it heats up again next week!


I’ve discovered cooling towels and scarves. The towels are rather small and less easy to work with in public so I’ve been using the scarves more often. I just dampen them and wrap them around my neck or head. I keep one with me just in case.


I’ve discovered cooling towels and scarves. The towels are rather small and less easy to work with in public so I’ve been using the scarves more often. I just dampen them and wrap them around my neck or head. I keep one with me just in case.

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i recommended the towels last year and I think the year before, the advantage of them is held dry in sweaty areas you don’t get wet sweaty patches. Used wet next to bare skin you’ll definitely feel a bit more comfortable although you’ll probably get wet clothes!

I do feel cooler using the towels, but you’re right, they result in wet clothes. That’s why I like the scarves better in public. Only my the neckline gets wet, which is covered by the scarf anyway. The wet scarf on bare skin is quite nice, especially when I go to the outdoor market and places that don’t have air conditioning.

Thunder, lightening and rain here.

Summer’s arrived.

The heat is a nightmare. All the streams have dried up and the fields are bare. We are praying for rain.


I’ve been relying on cold showers to get me through. When the water runs really cold, I bend my wrists back, then run the shower head up & down the inside of my forearm and wrist. I do that for a few minutes on each arm. The reason is that your veins on the inside of your elbow and wrist are exposed, so your blood gets cooled down a lot. This cooler blood then gets passed round the rest of your body, cooling it from within. The effect of doing that for 5 minutes on each arm will last for 2 or 3 hours. I find it far effective than magicool, which only cools the surface of your skin and doesn’t really last.

Also, keep the curtains closed if you have any south facing windows - it keeps the sun out, which otherwise would have heated your home up more.


Well Autumn appears to have arrived overnight here in the North West!

It rained here for less than 10 minutes a couple of times yesterday afternoon, a lot more comfortable now 27 degrees in my room and blustery winds outside. Finally a little respite.

Honestly, it’s a quite risky method that can lead your blood to easy hypothermia. I’d recommend people to be careful with doing such manipulations with cold water. And moreover, you should be careful with your AC’s settings as well because the wrong heat level can be very harmful.

I had a broken AC that had to be repaired and noticed that I had started to feel bad when I’m at home. After realizing that the problem is in my AC I needed to find a cheap aircon servicing to repair this thing. And eventually, I’ve started to feel way better.