How to manage heat & it's effect on fatigue?

My office at work is really hot, I struggled last summer… Think I know why now . We have fans but they don’t seem to help. Today I headed home to work from home, I left with a fuzzy head. When I got here I put some shorts on and am laying on the sofa with the back door wide open trying to cool down. Fatigue has hit hard. I need to do some work this evening. All hints & tips welcome.

Snowqueen x

That’s awful for you. I get similar, with extra wobbly feet.

i assume work don’t know about your MS? If they do, it would should be easier to request air con etc. if your work is at all stressful, you may get a double whammy. I found it very hard to discuss my Ms requirements, but I was pleasantly surprised. Larger companies will be very familiar with legislation around disabled employees & mine were very accommodating up until I konked out.

i use a cool tie in heat. If I’m outside, I also have hats with cooling gel in the rim. In the meantime, exactly what you’re doing sounds good. I’m doing that now.

Hope you are feeling better.


Hi Clarkey,

​Thank you, I’m feeling a bit better now the temp outside is dropping, although I’m still camped on my sofa. Work know about my MS I told them as soon as I was diagnosed. Allegedly our building has air con (doesn’t work) but we are on the top floor (level 7) and our office is also small for the number of us in it.

It worries me it’s only June what about when we have a real heat wave.

Snowqueen x

Hi Snowqueen

Heat & humidity are real killers. I know ou can get cooling wristbands (google it look on Amazon), though I’ve not tried them so don’t know how good they are. But what is good though, is to hold your wrists under the cold tap for a few minutes with your hands bent back. This exposes the veins, cooling the blood down, which in turn helps to cool the rest of you down.

I also have a bag of frozen berries from Tesco. I’ll suck on a few of them straight from the freezer, for a cooling (& healthy) treat. Similarly, I slice up bananas & put the slices flat on a plate, then put them in the freezer.Then I’ll suck on a few of the frozen slices (or if you have a food processor, you can blend all of the slices for some lovely ice cream - it has the most fantastic, creamy texture!)


Sports water bottle - half filled with water/drink - put it in the freezer either upright, or at an angle if it won’t fit upright - when frozen solid, top up with water/drink and sip on that, as the ice defrosts slower than ice cubes in a glass, it stays chilled for ages and if you have one of the ‘waisted’ drinks bottles it can double as an ice-pack that you can put against the back of your neck - works wonders.

Sitting with your feet in a bowl of cold water is an effective cooling method too, though not realistic for work and so on, of course.

Freeze an almost full bottle of water and stick in front of a fan, for an icy blast.

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Thank you everybody I will try some of those ideas. I have spoken to my Boss and contacted Occupational Health to see if they can help at all. I need to be able to do my job and summer hasn’t even arrived yet. Brought a Magicool spray to try in the meantime.


So I experimented yesterday and took a frozen bottle of water to work which I then managed to use all day to cool down What was funny is lots of colleagues liked the idea so I may have started a trend. Thank You.