Heat and fatigue

Wowsers. I’m still waiting for a diagnosis, seeing a neurologist at some point in the next month or two I hope. What’s hit me today has been an immense feeling of tiredness. I went for a 20 minute walk in the morning then went back to my folks and drank 3 non alcoholic beers and 4 long polish sausages with hummus. As I sat there in the heat, I got progressely more tired to the point I felt like sleeping. Limbs felt very heavy, and holding this tablet I can feel my left forearm is weak and trembling. I’m a male, 36 and my weight is within healthy range.

I’ve had tremors in my hands, lower arms, neck and head the last two days, and I still have the foot drop, which was the reason I first went to the doctors. Head was kinda going left to right as if I was saying ‘no’. brain feels like it’s also half closed down, and my eyes feel itchy and sluggish. I’ve gone and had a lie down in my room which is cooler, and feel a tad better but I’ve never experienced this before. It feels a bit like when I used to pull 48 hour sessions without sleep to get projects done at uni! Everything feels slightly spacey, almost a drag on the vision. Yawning too?

I’m sure it’s not just the heat, or a food coma, or even the beer. I keep on forgetting things a lot recently too. I was going to help mum with the shopping but I honestly just had to go home and lie down. The thought of Morrisons on a Saturday afternoon like this does not feel good. My nasal area also feels a bit like I have a cold, or perhaps slightly irritated, I’ve never suffered from hayfever.

Should I log this to tell my doctor? It feels like another possible symptom?I was half joking with myself that I’ll get tired in the heat, and then it happened. Very bizarre.

Edit: Also could hardly be bothered to listen/reply to my mum when she was speaking to me. I just wanted to be alone and not have to think of responses, and felt bad that I couldn’t quite get the words out.

Happy sunshine anyway!


Hi Matti! If you find you have MS, fatigue and symptoms getting worse in the heat are certainly par for the course, I’m afraid. All I can suggest is to just rest whilst you feel so wiped out, and try and stay as cool as you can especially in this current bout of hot weather. I hope you don’t have to wait too long to see a neurologist, and definitely make a note of this recent bout of symptoms so that you can tell your GP/neurologist 'cos it could help with your diagnosis. Wishing you lots of luck.

Thanks Flopsy! Can I ask, I’m starting to feel a bit better after a couple of hours, although kinda feel like I have the flu a bit more now…does each person’s tiredness come differently? Forearms and legs still feel heavy. Cheers!

Hi Matti

Im newly diagnosed and the fatigue is the one thing Im struggling with at the moment. The overwhelming feeling of heaviness in my arms is horrendous and is, for me, the first sign that I need to rest. It feels like my body has turned to lead. I actually fell asleep a couple of weeks ago in the day, which is something I’ve never done apart from when I was pregnant (i’m not before you ask!!!) Im trying to learn to listen to what my body is telling me but it ain’t easy.