So tired

I know it would make anyone tired - 3 kids off school, a trip to ikea -heavy boxes!- getting ready for weekend camping etc but am so tired this afternoon it doesn’t seem normal. Slept when we got home at lunchtime. Staggered through packing. Waiting for OH to get back from work so I can unload/ reload the car. Am I just wingeing? Or is this a new symptom? Maybe it’s just cos I found out yesterday I do have a spine lesion - proves little I know but does make it all seem more real and scary… Anyway, words of comfort or advice v welcome!!

Hi Clare, (I’m sorry my return button isn’t working so can’t paragraph) Just read through your previous posts and see that you aren’t dx yet…so try not to panic about tiredness too much but do make a note of it to tell neuro/GP. It could be fatigue which can be treated with meds if you need them, you do have a lot on your plate re kids/ikea/weekend away etc and the heat isn’t helping either I imagine, everyone who I know who doesn’t have MS is moaning they are tired cos of the heat so that could easily be a factor…try and keep cool…have a great weekend away…my Neuro is always telling me off for being stressed (easy for him to say!) but I do find stress definately does make me worse…Again have a lovely weekend and remember to make a note of it…Take care BeckyX

Try and take rest periods. I know not difficult with kids and a life but juggling everything in the heat takes it’s toll and eventually you crash and burn. I find just sitting down with a cuppa and doing puzzles with my daughter quietly in the shade is something and trying to make sure I get enough sleep. I work full time and have a three and half year old so I do know how hard it is. It take some time to get used it but after having ms since 2005 I think I have it licked!!!

Hi Clare I think it would be more unusual if you DIDN’T sleep in the day with all that you’re doing! I had to have a lie down after just reading your post! 3 kids, IKEA & camping would be enough, but in addition you may be extra tired from everything else that’s going on as mental exhaustion can really take its toll. I’ve a lesion on my spine, dx after Easter, but although initially I was really shattered I’ve found my energy levels have definitely picked up. We went camping 1 week after dx and at the time I was worried I might not have the energy to do it, but I was so glad I did, and found it a great distraction and very therapeutic. I hope you have a great weekend Jane xx Ps Lollypop - I love you’ve got it ‘licked’ - made me laugh when I saw your username! Xxx

Hi I’ve been struggling with this too! Only one week in to the school holidays with my five year old at home and, although my three year old is still at nursery, I’ve really missed my mornings when they’re both out. Not in a ‘not wanting to see the kids’ way, but because I have a total of 12 hours per week to do housework, washing, ironing, etc. and to fit in some ‘me time’ (which nowadays is a nap on the sofa or at least a sit down!). The heat is definitely not helping either and has resulted in a flair up of symptoms from my last relapse in May! I love spending time with my children but it can be very tiring (understatement of the year!). I actually fell asleep while reading my eldest a story yesterday. One page I was reading, then he was right in my face going ‘mummy, MUMMY’. Was only a second or two, but still quite freaky!!! Try to take it easy and remember that the the important things are yourself and the children - housework, shopping, etc. being skipped will not be the end of the world! Try doing more online shopping too and enjoy your trip x X

Hi Clare

Feeling tired with what you’re doing is expected. This heat is tiring my friends and family who are healthy and not running around like you are. You’ll also be stressed to a degree if you’re awaiting a diagnosis. Like Becky said, make a note for Neuro regarding symptoms but have a word with your OH and maybe he can help around a bit more during your trip and you can have a rest. I’m so jealous, I love camping but can’t manage it now. Enjoy every moment!

Min x

Thank you everyone - all good advice. Had a lovely break, and managed to forget about this thing for oh a whole 5 minutes or so once or twice! Clare

Hi Clare, Glad you had good trip, hope you’ve rested up a little and keep away from Ikea!!! Take care BeckyX