hi,i saw neurologist a couple of weeks ago who said my brain/cervical spine mri had not changed from 3 yrs ago, but due to my symptoms thinks it is looking ‘more likely’ to be ms. i am at the moment physically knackered and quite wobbly on my legs. i childmind and have from the end of next week, cut my childminding to just my two grandchildren part time to give myself some ‘me’ time. is this tiredness/wobbly part of it or am i just getting depressed over being in limbo for 3 yrs? my husband will not acknowledge the issue or talk about it and i dont have anyone to talk to. sorry if i sound pathetic, but am feeling very sorry for myself at the moment.

best wishes to all

sue x

I’m afraid fatigue is very very common in MS :frowning: Wobbliness is too, especially when fatigue is bad :frowning: The MSS and the MS Trust do booklets on fatigue - it’s mostly common sense, but you may get some good ideas from them. (They are free to download from their websites.)

Really sorry that your husband is keeping his head stuck firmly in the sand. There’s no easy solution, but is he maybe shutting it out because he feels he can’t help? Some men do not like to acknowledge something that they can’t do something about! If this is a possibility, would it be worth trying to get him to think of things that would help with your symptoms - come up with some practical suggestions? It might break the silence? If it’s not this and he is shutting it out because he’s scared for you/him/both of you, then maybe see a counsellor yourself and then get him involved (I’m guessing he wouldn’t agree in advance!)? GPs must come across this fairly frequently and have some good ideas - maybe ask?

I hope the workload changes make a big difference. Enjoy the “me time”!

Karen x