So tired

Spent the day at my parents house with my and my brothers families. I am now so exhausted I can barely move, I’ve just burst into tears for no reason. Apart from my hubby none of my family know what is going on with me at the moment so I had my act to keep up. My parents live in a small cottage which is part of a converted barn and because the weather was so bad we had to stay in so there were 6 adults,5 kids and 4 dogs all crammed in there and I felt like I was going to explode. At least I could blame my terrible balance on falling over kids/dogs lol

Morning lovely! x How are things this morning?? xxjenxxx

Hi Nik, I wonder if it’s wise to keep this from your family? It’s really really tough to try and act ‘normal’ when you’re feeling so rotten. I know it seems like if you tell your family they will fall to bits. I felt that too and I’m sure most people do. But of course they don’t fall to bits. People are made of stronger stuff. They are naturally shocked but they do cope and it makes it so much easier for you.

Your family can actually be a great support at times like this (although I know that all families aren’t) but if you’re a close family they can help a lot and it’s a huge relief when you finally tell them.

Hope things are a bit easier today,

Pat x

I feel ya Nikki. Exactly the same here: bursting into tears, tired, clumsy as hell…

Treat yourself to as much things that make you happy AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And I mean YES: spoil yourself.
As much as you can. I am going to try to make a list of all the things that I like, all the things that make me happy, and all interests I can do and make sure I do as many as possible.

I am tired of being tired and so low. I need to spend as little time as possible online reading up symptoms and frightening myself into thinking that I will have the worst MS possible and spend all of my life miserable. The worst symptom I am experiencing so far is the depression and brain fog.

Sending much much love to you my dear.


Thanks everyone. I feel rubbish today, like I haven’t slept for a week. We are decorating my daughters bedroom this week and my hubby seems to have run out of sympathy so I have to just get on with it.

We are a pretty close family but the reason I haven’t told them yet is because they live 100 miles away and my mum would be on the phone every 5 minutes driving me crazy!

Thanks for the support.


The tiredness is the real killer. It saps your strength, it makes everything worse - especially balance - and it is depressing. If it weren’t for the tiredness I think I’d cope a lot better.

Tiredness is terrible. I’ve slept ridiculous amounts over the last 4 days. It is very hard keeping up a pretence and the decision to tell your family is a personal one. I told mine a month aso and had held off till then really because I didn’t have a diagnosis and was hoping I’d have an answer within 6 months and secondly because I was hoping it would all go.

My parents don’t understand what it is that’s wrong in that they have no idea about MS or anything neuro and I don’t want to scare them but at least now I can say to them I’m not feeling great or I didn’t answer your call as I was asleep and they’ll understand. It was a hard decision to make but it was the right one for me.

Definitely do something to spoil yourself rotten and take it easy. You’ll make the decision to tell your parents when it’s right for you.