Feeling sorry for myslef this morning!

I’m not sure if the potential enormity of everything that has gone on over the last few weeks - blood test after blood test, opthamology appointment, trips to the GP etc - has finally caught up with me but I feel really emotional this morning - sitting at my desk feeling as if I want to cry!

I saw the Neuro for the first time two weeks ago (privately), had my first MRI last week and anticipate an update from the Neuro on Thursday (he said he’d call me with the results of the imaging) so we can determine the next steps.

Whilst I still cling to the hope that I don’t have MS, my symptoms are still there - extreme fatigue, tingling in head, face and lower back plus a numb right foot. The last night, just for good measure, I got the electric shock feelings in my right thigh!

I an the sort of person that likes to be in control and remain positive so I am finding it hard to cope with this huge sense of uncertainty!

Sorry, rant over, just needed to offload to those that will understand! Thank you for ‘listening’.


Sending you hugs. I have been through every emotion going and thought I was coming to terms with everything but just this week I am getting panicky about the future again. I hope everything goes as well as can be expected at your appointments and we will always be here to offload to.

Hello Susie I know how your feeling…this is a worrying time. I hope test show you don’t have MS so that you can move on with your life. Take care. ((((((Hugs)))))) Noreen xxx

Hi Susie

I too have found that when I’m going for tests and seeing the doc etc., I get a bit overwhelmed by it all. Then when that phase is over my mind tends to settle, and I manage to put it out of my thoughts a bit more.

Whetever your diagnosis, this week, once it’s over and the dust has settled, you will probably feel better just to be able to calm down and think about things more clearly.

Hang in there.

Astro x

Its not easy by any means what you are going through, if you can, try and treat yourself to something nice for yourself, and good luck on Thursday.


Hi Susie, you’re not the only one feeling sorry for herself today! I wish you all the best for Thursday. Have a little cry (or a big one!) if you need it. Crying is very cleansing and we all need to shed a few tears from time to time. I speak from very recent experience! Sending you {gentle hugs} :heart: