Fatigue & tingling

It was hot here today & another day wasted with fatigue

Thankfully I am on holidays this week so at least I did not lose a day of work because of it.

I’ve gotten to the point where I accept there is nothing I can do about it, so I spend the day in pjs on the couch, however, the tingling in my hands has kicked back in too & it is driving me nuts.

I have an MRI scheduled for Aug 15 & hopefully will get some answers one way or another. I also have a nerve conduction test in Sept to rule out carpal tunnel, but it is only on my right hand & I get the tingling in both hands (all fingers) & both feet (feet have been behaving pretty good since the hands began to annoy me). I’m not expecting it to be positive for anything

I know I’m going to sound a tad pessimistic here, but at this point I don’t really care what I have, as long as I find out what I have.

Anyway, enough whining, time to have a nap. Thanks for listening.

hi josie

hot and humid weather really has a bad effect on us.

hope the rest is helping you.

good luck with your MRI.

i know exactly what you mean by not caring what it is just wanting to know that there is a real cause.

i was exactly the same and my lovely neuro was so apologetic when giving me my diagnosis of ms and shocked when i smiled broadly and thanked him.

back to your nap!

carole x

My fatigue was really bad yesterday too, so went back to bed at 1pm for a couple of hours sleep.

Thank you both for replying.

I’m usually not a whiner & for the most part, I feel very fortunate that my symptoms don’t interfere too much with my life. The worst being the fatigue & brain fog/ crappy memory.

I’ve fallen a few times from foot drop & I tend to bang into things a lot, but don’t feel the bruises so it doesn’t trouble me much.

I had what I suspect was optic neuritis in Feb. which was pretty painful but I buried my head in the sand & tried to ignore it so by the time I got it checked out (optician only), my vision was almost back to normal. The prescription change she chalked up to getting old.

The tingling gets a bit painful from time to time, but is mostly is just mildly annoying. The other sensations, feeling like I’m shaking in my lower back or legs but nothing is moving, feeling like something wet & cold is dripping on me, are just weird.

If if this is MS, I just want to know so I can get on the DMDs & get on with my life. I tend to be a plan ahead type of person so being in limbo sucks

Hi Josie

It doesn’t sound like you’re whining. It just sounds like you have some real problems and are getting well and truly fed up with not knowing the definitive cause.

I understand, I think most of us do, that even getting a diagnosis of MS is better than being in limbo. In part because then, as you say you can get some DMDs. And at least then you stop feeling like you’re whinging and worrying that your symptoms are all related.

It’s a good thing that you’ve had this week to properly rest, but when you go back to work, try to make sure you rest and relax as much as you’re able. And it’s only a few weeks now till your MRI maybe soon after that you might get some answers.