Well past few days at work I’ve felt awful with blurred vision, tingling to leg and numbness to it then I twigged today- the heating has come on at work and my room is like a sauna despite me switching off my radiator. Got a fan on and window open and symptoms got better. D’oh how dense can I be A xx

Not that dense, Arwen: you figured it out! Do you get worse with cold, as well?

I used to be a real sun lover but I noticed when I was in hospital and briefly outside by the coffee shop that I really couldn’t take the sun on my head. It made me feel so bad! Well done for working out why you were feeling bad.

With cold my hands and feet shut down they are like ice and hurt so badly. Can wear 3 pairs of gloves and still have freezing hands Axx

Funny you say that I have always been a sun worshipper but never liked the geat on my head so wear hats and glasses in the sun. Really weird how awful I have felt for the past few days with blurry vision that has driven me mad and generally feeling awful it was only when I started sweating and feeling sick I got a cold fan on me and started feeling much better. Who has a bloody fan on in October lol Axx

Glad you managed to suss out why you were feeling so rubbish, Arwen.

I haven’t been able to tolerate the heat for years, and can’t cope with being in direct sunlight for more than a minute or two.

My hands get really painful in the cold as well. Taking stuff out of the freezer is really bad news for me!


seriously, I didn’t twig about heat for ages… not until the Neuro asked me - it was a real face/palm moment as I realised why I either couldn’t dry my feet or lock my right leg out after a bath and sometimes would actually struggle to get out of it even!

I LOVE a good soak in a hot bath but if I have a bath now I switch on the hot and cold taps together and only have it half full so I don’t lay back and soak in it :wink: I had no idea I had potential MS and what symptoms might be like so I really was cluesless.

Sonia x

This is really interesting, as I haven’t been able to have a bath for years as it makes me feel so ill, but have never understood why. I always assumed it was the laying back as I have balance/vertigo problems, but have tried not laying back and it still makes me feel ill.

I’m thinking now it must be the heat. Maybe I’ll try again but not have the water very hot.

Doesn’t sound quite so appealing somehow, though does it…a long soak in a nice, lukewarm bath!!

i havent had a bath for 5 years because last time i did i passed out briefly falling through the door and landing naked at my 19 yr old son’s feet!

don’t know which of us was most traumatised!

my occupational therapist told me to stop having baths so now i only have showers.

i have been for hydrotherapy and was worried that the warm water would make me feel rough but it didnt.

it felt like a lovely warm bath only with 2 physios making us do exercises!

carole x

I love a really hot bath. I was lucky enough to go to Japan and experience their ‘ofuro’ (communal hot baths - though my friend and I chickened out of the public one and hired the private one between us). We white ‘gaijin’ ended up as red lobsters! Unfortunately, I’ve had two experiences of hot water making me feel odd this past year. I’ve been suddenly dizzy getting out of a hot shower and a few months ago I had a hot bath but when I got out I felt exhausted, developed shaky hands and a persistent twitch in my bicep. That bicep was really sore and stiff about a week later! I was wondering if a hot bath would still set these symptoms off so I tried it again the other day. I felt a bit tired and I was a little shaky (about normal for me at the moment anyway) but nothing as bad as that previous episode. I love my hot baths. I’ll keep having them, cautiously, unless I get another episode.