How do cope in the Heat?

Hubby yesterday was slumped on his chair and very lethargic. I have a fan and he drinks plenty of water…how do you cope in the heat? Thanks Caz

fewer clothes, natural fabrics, loose fitting.

hydrate often.

don’t try heavy work (as if i would!)

siesta!!! (i’m very good at this one)

dream of making snow angels in a snow drift!

i’d do it like a shot if we got a snow drift.

however these days i can get onto the floor, or fall onto it but can’t get back up.

wash hair and leave it to dry naturally.

all those things that had your gran saying you’d catch your death of cold.

spray face with cold water.

hope you get hundreds of replies because i’m always open to a good idea.

tell your hubby that he’s not the only one suffering from the heat.

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I came to post something very similar and saw this post!

Well actually I came to moan Toooo hot! In terms of coping with it I found soaking a tea towel in cold water and laying it over my forehead (and the occasional wipe over arms etc with it) was helping the other day - probably be a good idea to do it again lol.

The thought of snow angels is heaven!!

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my friend gave me a cooling mat for her dog she never used its flipping fabulous. I recline on my chair and put it under my legs, when it gets warm i turn it over. I also use Majicool spray which is lush on the feet.

I wear light clothing and have plenty of cool air circulating, and do very little. I am like your hubby i feel wilted and cant wait to go to bed and put my oscillating fan on.

I never go out in the heat unless i have too.

Oh i suck those fruit lollie things too they cool me down a bit.

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Keep the curtains closed on any south facing windows. I keep windows closed if the air outside is warmer than in. Cold showers are awesome. But a simpler option is to hold your wrists under a cold tap, with your hands bent back so the veins are exposed. It cools the blood down, which then gets sent round the rest of your body. It’s not as good as shower, but does help to take the edge off.



Hello Caz,

ive got ice towels bought from eBay for 99p wet one in cold water put round your shoulders, when it starts feeling warm take it off shake for 5 seconds and its cold again, re-wet when they start drying.

only problem is your top will get wet!

cool your rooms on the morning, then block strong sunlight as much as possible in the hottest parts of the day.

I’ve had to go out today and couldn’t have managed without my ice towel but still bashed myself on a wall, nearly cockled over a few times and nearly knocked the hand sanitizer off the wall in the hospital.

but it’s raining now so much cooler.

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Thanks all I also got him some kooling ties.

Hubby definitely leans more when its hot.

Does anyone have a tendency to fall in hot weather? I have had two falls in the last three weeks, the last one leaving me with a badly swollen bruised hand and arm and a chipped bone in finger. Very difficult as the hand I injured now has two fingers strapped together for six weeks and is the hand I use my walking stick. Apart from the heat I cannot think of any other reason for falls. Sue

Have you had your wee tested for a UTI? If not, then it’s a good idea. Sometimes those sneaky little bacteria can hide.

Assuming it’s not that, then I can only agree, the heat is a bugger. My legs are absolutely rubbish at the moment I’m wobbling all over the place, normally I can pull my own pants up! Today I’m really struggling to balance. And I’ve had to decide that today is a day when the FES stays off and I don’t even attempt to walk. (I’ve tested my wee!!)


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Yes i check my own urine too. I am peeing for england but its clear so far. Its the heat i could barely walk yesterday. My cat was run over yesterday not badly thank god, and i was too ill to take him to vet, so my care worker did it for me. I would have died in the car. I have not been out really for days and days. I do go out with my dog at 8.30 across my park its nice and cool as there is a lot of shade from trees, thats it then really.

I must admit i am too tired to even be bored lol. x

i have 2 portable air con units and could not cope without them.

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Hi Sue Hubbys urine eas tested and fine. Just heat

i got a portable air con which works via usb port.

however i’ve had to take out the toggle for my mouse.

(don’t ask it’s an old chromebook)

the cool breeze is lush though!