cooling down

one evening about 35 years ago a load of us were coming back after seeing a band.

it was snowing very heavily.

then we got to a part of the A6 where lots of cars had been abandoned due to being stuck in the snow.

just because i was 25 i jumped out of the van and threw myself in a snow drift.

had a lovely time making snow angels.

then we all walked the 8 miles home.

  1. i wish i was still 25.

  2. i wish it wasn’t so pigging hot.

  3. i wish i could get up from the floor.

  4. snow angel dreams are wonderful in this weather.

  5. i’m so very glad that i did lots of daft things in my younger days.

how do you all cope with this heat?



That’s a lovely story, and a fabulous memory. I wish I were still 25 too. Even 35 would do me!

What I do is live in a cold house. It’s naturally cool. Heats up in the kitchen in the morning a bit, then in the afternoon in the living room, but we have blinds everywhere so can block the sun out a bit.

When the cat overheats, he comes in, lays on the wooden floor in the hallway (middle of the house, always cool), then relocates to a bed.

When Mr Sssue overheats (which he does quite often as he dashes about the place ‘doing stuff’, I generally have no idea what he is doing), he eats ice cream. But then he doesn’t need much excuse.

Right now it’s hot outside but I’m wearing jeans, socks, and a jumper - I was cold. He’s wearing shorts, a t-shirt and no socks or shoes.


Hi Carole That really made me smile ! Made me think of earlier this year when I went snow dome with my daughter and we sat in a sled together and went down the snowy hill ! Then we raced down and crashed at the bottom it was freezing and soaking wet ! I suppose it’s not much use to cool down now though … I mean I don’t know about where you are but we are fresh out of snowy hills in Birmingham! Alike Mr Ssue I too eat ice cream … water out the fridge, cotton sheets clothes everything! All else fails I strip off and lie on the bed wirh the fan on. Children s paddling pools are nice to dip your feet. Look forward to any other suggestions x

Hi Carole!

Yep, like Sue I keep all the blinds/curtains closed during the day and only open up windows once the sun has gone down. I’ve also been told that putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan helps, although I’ve not tried it yet.

How I would love to be 25 again too - yes, I can just about remember that age!

i remember being 25 well. it’s a great age to be, young enough to be mad, old enough not to fret about stuff you can’t change and old enough to say Fork it!! probably my favourite age. i’ll have to go and purloin my dyson fan which was purloined by my Jack. it’s in the spare room where his decks are. i’m all for sharing but in desperate times, what is mine is MINE!! 60 is ok, my body is ruined by being mad, having ms, if i had my 25 year old body it would be grand. Sue - i go from being way too hot to freezing cold within minutes. i still have no cat and i really really want one. Flutterby - we are about 20 miles north of manchester. we rarely get snow but it’s always raining. just now it feels like steam outside in the rain. snow is always celebrated by being like big kids. when our two were aged 3 and 4, i bought 2 plastic sledges. we drove up to a water tower on a steep hill. then we had races down it. both of the boys wanted to share the sledge with dad cos he’ll make it go faster. as it happened my sledge with billy (3yr old) as passenger was the fastest and we won. Flopsy - i bought one of those desk top air conditioning things 3 years ago when we had a big heat wave. no idea where it is now. the poltergeist must have nicked it. when the kids were pre nursery age I came back from the shops with heavy bags and the two of them wingeing about being tired. i told them that i had filled the paddling pool earlier. then i shocked them by jumping fully clothed into it! i’m so very tired because the last 2 nights i’ve had very little sleep. hopefully i’ll be out lie a light tonight.

Hi Carole

Nice reminiscing .

By far the most effective thing I do to keep cool is to have a cold shower. I start off room temperature, then lower it until it’s just cold water. Then what I do is to bend the wrist back with one hand, exposing the veins. With the other hand I get the shower head, and move it back & forth along the inside of my forearm and wrist, where all the veins are. I’ll do that for a minute or two, then switch arms. I’ll repeat this a few times. What this does is that it cools your blood down, which then gets passed round the rest of your body. It’s like having internal air conditioning, and the effect can last for a few hours. Ot for a simpler version, just put the insides or your forearms under the shower, rather than actually stripping off for a full shower. Doing that isn’t as good as a full shower, but it still helps a lot (another version is just to bend your wrists back and hold them under a cold tap for a few minutes).


ah i look at pictures of glaciers lol. Nah i bought myself a treat. an EGL air con runs with water. Its 80.00 the best money i have spent. I also too have blinds in my sitting room electric ones so i can be totally lazy and bring them down when the heat is too much. in my bedroom i have my blinds down all day with window open and its lush and cool in there. the kitchen too has blinds as the sun comes in like mad. My flat is so warm it drains me without my little EGL. but now i am even better my daughter naughty girl has introduced me to vegan MAGNUMS, NO SOYA omg they are lush. so tasty, naughty but not high in calories or naughtiness. bliss. Sadly at 25 i was married to a bully so i dont think of that age i had 2 children living in hongkong, now the memories of those days were great, but to be free and just be silly never happened as i was stupid and got married at 18 and repented for 12 years. although yes i had some lovely memories some of it wasnt so good.

thanks for your replies. dan - good old common sense, the old remedies always turn out to be the best! crazy chick - electric blinds and a proper air con (filed away for future use) sorry that 25 doesn’t hold good memories for you. now the vegan magnum is a distinct possibility! just thinking of where i’d like to go for a holiday. until someone invents a time machine i cannot go there. it would be back in time to my magical era. best of all my mum would still be here. it’s been hurting for 30 years since she passed. however having a sleepless night is best passed on recalling memories. we all have our own treasure trove and i know from your wonderful blog that you have some good times and bad times to revisit.