Who’s joining me in heatwave misery??!!

I’ve just discovered that spraying my facial mist into the fan as it blows on me, is sheer cool bliss !! The bed is a little damp but hey ho !!

Solidarity in heatwave misery… what’s the temperature where you are ? I have 27.8 degrees at 22.50 hrs in rural Northumberland

just now it is 16 degrees with 79 per cent humidity in urban greater manchester.

i want our proper weather back!

manchester should be raining.

the north sea where you are should bring a cold wind.

i long for a snow drift to throw myself into!

only trouble is that the cold makes my legs so painful.

join me making snow angels!


I will join you in snow angel day dreaming !!

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As the sun was setting I ventured out in my chair.

I went to the supermarket for a few bits but spent most of the time in the freezer aisle.

If it rains I’m going to sit in it.

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I had a lovely 35 yesterday; live by Heathrow Airport.


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It’s not so bad in the daytime, my house is quite cool (blinds and curtains put to full use). But at night, OMG it’s so hot. It hasn’t dipped below 20 degrees for any night this week. Where is my promised rain? No sign of it. Mental snow angels it is. Before going mental.


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snow angels… snow angels… SNOW PLEASE!


Oh great membership of another club I don’t wanna belong too!

Thursday my room thermometer didn’t dip below 29 degrees even at 2 am Friday morning. 30.5 degrees as I type, WHERES THE BL**DY THUNDERSTORMS WE WERE PROMISED.

im sick of folk saying “it’s lovely” or “its summer” it’s ABNORMALLY hot and dry everywhere not just here. Hot weather kills more people than cold weather. What’s lovely about that?



For at least 5 minutes. And it might do it again. I can hear thunder rumbling away.

Hooray!! Guess who might get some sleep tonight?

The hot sunny weather never used to bother me , in fact up until last year we would go away abroad to places like Spain, Greece, Turkey ect right in the middle of summer, but now over the last year the hot sunny days totally wipe me out and crank up my MS symptoms. Crazy how the MS can change so suddenly !

Hi can’t wait for winter mums just bought me a umlaut cool pillow that you keep in the fridge and it works I had the best night sleep ever

You people won’t believe this but… A few showers Thursday, heavy prolonged rain yesterday and last night. Heavy and frequent downpours today. Temperature currently 9c and I swear it’s true, we have just had a shower with hailstones in it!!!


Hard water area?

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Today, the weather has cracked.

It’s as fresh as Mr Fresh from the land of Freshnovia. I’ve just rolled up to town in shorts and t-shirt to deliberately feel the chill. And now, I’m chilled.

Stay cool

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Hehe. Not bad AD. Not bad.

i was in the pub last night, drinking responsibly only 2 pints spread out over 2 hours and 2 pubs. my hangover didn’t make a show because it was so lovely and cool. is it just me, or does everybody sing Bohemian Rhapsody in a storm, i sing it in my head but the occasional line comes out aloud causing looks of consternation on other half’s face! it must be the mention of be’elzebub!

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No way !! Me too !! I cried the day Freddie died. We recently went to see Queen with Adam Lambert and whilst they were amazing, the stage was acutely empty until a hologram of Freddie walked on stage to Brian May singing Love of My Life. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

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Aw, I like that. Almost brings tears to my eyes imagining it. We (Mr S & I) have watched so many biopics about Freddy. It’s like, ‘there’s bugger all on telly, oh look it’s Queen, we’ll watch that … again!’


Hi, Its been raining here in South Wales…i wanted to do a rain dance …so happy …but others want the sun …Sun and heat are coming back Friday onwards for approx 2 weeks…so make the most of the cooler weather if you…i have found people dont get it how it affects us much worse…there saying oh i know…but they dont…rant over…

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well, i have been wondering why my bum is always cold when i use my computer. it’s because our cat was unwell during the heatwave so i bought a cooling mat from the pet shop. poor old cat had to be euthanised but her mat is on my chair! if the heat returns i’m going to put it in my bed!

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