A tip to help us cope with the heat

Here’s a really simple and cheap thing that might help. Keep a thermos flask of water with ice in it near you and sip from it all day.

No better way to reduce your core temperature than to drink a frosty beverage.

Ice back to the rear of your neck, or cold water pouring over the insides of your wrists also provide some immediate and simple relief.

But drinking icy water is the best for sure. I have about 3 - 4 litres daily :slight_smile:

Holding your wrists under a cold tap for a few minutes with your hands bent back is definitely a great tip. You can’t beat a cold shower though. I’ll start off lukewarm, and then slowly reduce the temperature until it’s just on cold. It keeps my core chilled for ages. I think I might get myself some cooling wristbands, & see if they make any difference (you can get them on Amazon or ebay). I also find any excuse to go to the supermarket & browse very, very slowly everything in the chilled aisles : )


Putting your feet in Grandbabies paddling pool, it’s working a treat as is the fab ice lolly! Tracey x

Oh my gosh, my dad’s mum used to sit with her feet in a paddling pool all summer long! Happy memories coming back!

But yes, feet in cold water works wonderfully for cooling you down. Not suitable for all situations, of course, not much good in most workplaces! But excellent if you can do it. A washing up bowl, that your feet fit in comfortably, and in a pretty colour’s the best bet. I mean it doesn’t need to be a pretty colour, but I personally feel no utilitarian object ever needs to be in grey or some other dingy shade, I know I’d enjoy using a pink or sky blue bowl more than a beige one, lol.

Live in an old thick walled stone built house… always cool/cold.



All round to Jen’s then!

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Well gold rat is right getting quite hot here in Cornwall but have a house with thick walls quite nice to get in from the heat to a cool room. Shouldn’t knock it though as came from Scotland, so nice to have some warmth.

just put some plastic bottles of squash in the freezer great to drink as they melt . Plus close curtians before sun reaches room to keep temp down Sue

if it’s hotter out than in don’t open windows.

This is something that I have just discovered and is a “chill pillow pad” that is filled with ba gel that is always four degrees cooler than the body so it is GREAT to use near the face/back/shoulders (etc) on really hot days and never has to be refrigerated. I bought mine from ‘House of Bath’ (www.houseofbath.co.uk) and only cost me £14.95.

Stay cool folks.


Chillow pillow for me and also neck tie filled with the same gel…I keep one in the fridge and one on.

I’ve been doing that all day… been through gallons of chilled water today, in my mouth and over my wrists, but still suffering in this weather. It doesn’t half do me in, this heat! Aircon in the car is a great feature, I’d say… Hope everyone else is managing.

Phew! Wow! And toasty!

No sleep last night. Cooler weather on the way…come on.

Next week below average. Hurray! Erm … must dig out my coat.


Melted Marty

Feet like you mention is important and we lose much heat through our feet and top of head. I am bare footed at home most of the time in the heat, also have some sandal type slippers so my feet are exposed.

Radio 4 Today programme recording about heat and best way to cool down for older people.

My boss told me they’d been a heating engineer on morning t v talking about the hot weather, and he suggested opening the loft hatch… I’m trying that when I get home…

That’s not a bad idea! Yay, let all the spiders into the bedrooms D:<

Ignoring that though, does seem like an option worth trying. Easy for me to do, too, because the ceilings upstairs are so low you can touch them, so I can open the loft hatch without having to stand on anything. I’ll be interested to see if it does make any difference.

Just don’t look up in case a pair of glowing eyes are staring back… x files throw back…

I have a ceiling fan in the lounge, and in the bedroom directly over the bed. It’s works well for me, so much so that I have to be under the duvet (4.5 tog summer duvet) at night when it’s on as it’s too chilly otherwise! Small upright fans don’t seem to work as well as the ceiling fans do. For me, they’ve been fantastic, if you’ll 'scuse the pun!