A tip to help us cope with the heat


It’s going to cool down in North Wales soon me thinks, sky very, very ominous, storm on the way!!! Tracey x

Loretta, you are forgiven, Andy’s way worse with puns, so you having nothing to fear xD

Ceiling fans are great, aren’t they. My only experience of them has been on holiday in Lanzarote, but the temperature was consistently in the 35c/95f degree bracket for the whole week, and slept really comfortably under just a sheet with the ceiling fan on the lowest setting. Admittedly the heat there isn’t as humid as it is here, the ceiling fan definitely worked better than the fan that I have on the floor in my bedroom though!

If I had a higher ceiling I could put the fan on top of the wardrobe…it’s only a low wardrobe (a lovely vintage gentleman’s one) but there’s not going to be enough clearance above it for my fan to fit on top of it. I’ll go and have a look and see though, because you never know!

Used to do this a few years back, and leave it propped open just a small amount.

Now. with 9’ ceilings and an inability to climb anything much more than 6", well, that one’s out.

Mind you, keeping the fet cool does help - I sit here typing this without shoes or socks …


Does not help with the typos though …

Should have been feet not fet.


Oi you, jellie !!! :smiley:

What! You know it’s true, you admitted to it yourself >:P

Ok, so I’ve opened the loft hatch, so far there’s just greater heat coming down out of it, so as yet I’m unconvinced, but I’ll leave it open. I did this on the way into the bedroom to see if I can put my fan on top of the wardrobe, and what do I see? I see I’m an idiot who forgot about significant structural parts of the building, that’s what. (¬_¬)

So yeah, fan’s not gonna fit up there, is it! xD

I promise I will try harder, Jellysundae! I’ve enjoyed reading some of the banter on here, even though I haven’t commented. Nice to have a laugh together. Laughter being the best medicine n’all!

Have you looked at the bottom of the fan to see if it has those keyhole shaped erm… holes in the bottom? I can see a nice wooden beam… Convenient for screwing in appropriately sized screws and hanging the fan from if you don’t mind the mock-woodworm look if and when you eventually take it down!

LOL, sadly I don’t need mock woodworm, the beams are full of real woodworm holes xD It’s a rented flat though, so my landlord wouldn’t be keen. I bet it does have those holes though, I’ve just peered underneath the one in this room and that has them. Can’t help but wonder at the safety of that though, I can imagine the rigid plastic cracking sooner or later. Never knew fans had those under there!

I do however, have a 3.4l food tub full of water in the freezer at this moment, to use the “frozen object in front of a fan” method tonight! It can even sit in its upturned lid to catch the condensation :smiley: