Cooling Vests - are they worth it?

Hi all, me again looking some advice please.

You’ve probably noticed the temperature is rising (yay) but that does kinda mean we lovely msers get our strength zapped.

Ive been reading about cooling vests & they seem like a good idea but has anyone tried them & if so where would you recommend to get one?

I work as a dog groomer (oh the glamour lol) & the heat & humidity is getting to me so am seriously thinking of buying one as my battery is practically empty come lunchtime on warm days. All ideas, recommendations etc very much welcome please x

I think also ive heard something about wrist bands that cool you … you heard owt about them ? But vests sounds good so will keep a eye on this thread


I’ve not used one, but I have thought about it so I’ll be interested to see if anyone has got experience of them. I know you can get cooling wrist bands too, and also something called a Kool Tie, which you wrap round your neck. Again, I’ve not used them so can’t comment on whether they’re any good. I’m tempted by them though, as they’re a cheaper option than a vest.


P.S. A little trick I do is to hold your wrists under a cold tap for a few minutes, with your hands bent back so your veins are exposed. This helps to cool your blood down, which then travels round the rest of your body. It can help take the edge off a bit, especially if the water’s very cold.

I’ve just ordered one for £25 from Amazon. It is about the cheapest and had good reviews,so it should be here before the summer starts at the end of next week.If it’s alright I might spend a few bob more on another one.Profligate perhaps but I’m paid to look after myself and will find a home for the cheapo one.If memory serves (megalol) I’ll publish a report on here.

The wrist and cold water is a top tip.The Fire Brigade solution for a bit of ‘toastiness’ was hands in a bucket of cold water for 4-5 mins.All of your blood passes through the wrists every two minutes.A better solution is a cold/coolish bath,but there may be a temptation to pursue acts of personal hygiene when it’s not a birthday.


Oh,just remembered I’ve got a cooling neck scarf thingy and for a fiver it’s not bad.

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Happy days! Go let me know how you get on with it. As you say they are a bit expensive but if they work it’s worth it!

You know those wheat bags you can get to that you heat up in the microwave to warm you up you can also put them in the freezer to cool you down work very well and can be placed on neck or anywhere i have 2 one on one in freezer just keep it in a plastic bag. Katy

Well the cooling vest arrived,awesome for sunday afternoon.I wondered why it was only 24 quid and there was no info about sizing…Not wondering anymore.It would suit a 20 stone bloke working on the roads as it is 3XL and day-glo yellow.It soaked up enough water to make it weigh about a stone.

It won’t be getting sent back, but cut up when it’s dried out a bit as one of the front panels will hang from around my grubby little neck and cover my legs to the knee when sat on the powerchair,then it can do its cooling thing.Still, it could have been size small and not fit for efall

Watch this space for the next griping(no typo) instalment as the thermometer hits SCORCHIO later in the week and day-glo is so in at the moment.


Arse! It coulda been so good but heyho. Just have to search on!

What are the wrist bands like?

I have wrist bands made by frio. After soaking in cold water they swell up and you wrap them round your wrist they have velcro at each end to hold them in place and I find they cool me down really well.

Seen comments about COOLING VESTS on this forum but they are from a while ago. Has anyone else purchased a cooling vest recently and do they work well and where from? After the humid hot days we have had in England already this summer, I would like to get one if good and work well! Off to Cyprus next month and will need something to keep me cool there, I am sure.

Hi Pip,

Try Googling ’ Cooling Vests for MS’ - a huge array of products comes up, almost too many to choose from! I’ve not had experience of a cooling vest myself, because I use a Dyson Fan/Humidifier/Air purifier about the house and cooling pillows to sleep on. If you are off to Cyprus and are heat intolerant it is well worth investing in a good one; I suppose it comes down to price, as always, how much you will consider it a valued and useful investment and, generally, how much use you are going to get out of it ( are you talking all year round, for example or just for hot and sticky days?)

I hope your search picks up something useful for you. Enjoy your Hols!


several years ago when we had a hot summer (when they were noteworthy) i bought 2 Chillows (cooling pillows). you had to put cold water in them. however it was not as easy as it sounded. you had to drip the water onto the membrane and it took ages. anyway by taking turns me and hubby managed to fill both of them. went to bed giggling like a pair of 6 yr olds and looking forward to a nice cool sleep. i woke up after a couple of hours for the loo and everything was fine. but at 6.00 it started to feel a bit damp. both pillows had burst! it did cool us down though.

My ‘Hyperkewl’ cooling vest is a blessing on hot days. Not exactly a stylish garment, but who cares? I wouldn’t be without it. Alison